10 Worst Actresses Ever In Bollywood Who Should Quit Acting


Have you ever imagine how excellent a Bollywood film can be without certain actresses? Yes, there are several Bollywood actresses whose performances are too bad to describe. Most of us wish to get rid of these actresses. Here is a list of Worst actresses ever in bollywood who should quit acting.

Sonam Kapoor

worst bollywood actresses ever

 The actress is not talented at all. Even, his stupidity can be seen on her face. It would be better if you can shoot with her in another planet, except earth.


worst actress in India ever

The worst actress in Bollywood is Tanisha. She had done the biggest blunder in her life and that is to fall in love with an Ichhadhaari Naag. She has no talent at all.

Snoakshi Sinha

worst actress in Bollywood

Sonakshi is just like a bull on the loose. Her size is celestial indeed. Most of her movies become flop due to her over acting. The only exception is  . his father would certainly say “Khamosh” to us after reading this blog.

Nargis Fakhri

bakwas actresses in bollywood ever

She got a chance only in the film ‘Rockstar’ but her performance is too poor to describe. She should leave the industry without wasting the times of directors and producers.

Veena Malik

bad actresses in bollywood ever

This Pakistani actress should leave this country now. The score of her general knowledge is lower than the self-esteem of Tusshar Kapoor. She can start afresh in a newer planet other than earth.

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Preity Zinta

worst bollywood actresses ever

The most recent release of Preity is Ishkq in Paris. But, it did not acclaim higher fame in the industry. In the past, Preity did very good jobs but presently she lost all her talents.

Ameesha Patel

worst actress in India ever

Except Kaho Na Pyar Hai, each of her film was flopped. The prime reason is her poor performance. She is not born for acting though she decided to become an actress.

Daisy Shah

worst actress in Bollywood

She got a role in the film Jai Ho but could not stand with Salman. Her performance was not satisfactory at all and that’s why people did not like her.

Katrina Kaif

bakwas actresses in bollywood ever

In the movie, Bang Bang, she made all her mistakes. The only performance of Hrithik works for the movie. Her accent creates hindrance in her way.

Minissha Lamba

Worst Actresses Ever In Bollywood Who Should Quit Acting

Being very beautiful, Minissha Lamba has not been able to be a good actress. She got chance to act in many movies but her acting was not able to get any appreciation.

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