Whether with its grooving music, romantic numbers, action-packed scene or dashing couples-Bollywood never stops you to surprise you. The stories of link ups and breakups always keep you curious about the tinsel town. To add more spice to your interest, here is a list of the most mismatched and odd couples of Bollywood. Some of them have tied knot together, others may got dispersed…..but we’ll remember them as the strangest couples of all time. Take a sneak peek-

Abhisek Bacchan & Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

15 Most Mismatched Married Couples in Bollywood

Yes, they are one of the happy couples of Bollywood, but don’t you think they’re a bit mismatched. It may sound bitchy but she looks like his elder sister…Ooops!!!

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor

odd looking couples in bollywood

Love is blind. In case of this yesteryear diva it was so blind that she couldn’t see the age gap between her and Mr. Producer. Who cares controversies?? They’re happy with their two beautiful daughters.

Farha Khan & Sirish Kunder

Mismatched couples in bollywood

A truly odd couple of Bollywood. Means, from what angle they look like a romantic couple? Farha is 8 years older than her husband and that makes them look odder. But, the love birds care nothing to tie the knot.

Rani Mukherjee & Aditya Chopra

weird couple in bollywood couples

Okay…we don’t have much to say about them as they have already faced so much controversies. We will just suggest Adi to consult a stylish while appearing with Rani. We think this is the reason he remains disappeared from events… wink!!

Dilip Kumar & Saira Banu

odd looking couples in bollywood

Are there anything like odd but sweet? If there is, then it is the jodi of these two superstars. Due to age gap they faced loads of controversy back then, but remain together happily still now.

Vindu Dara Singh & Dina Umarova

odd looking couples in bollywood

Are there any special formula that women always fall for married men? I mean, Vindu fall for charming Dina, understandable. But, Dina!!! Ahem! Ahem!

Kalki Kechlin & Anurag Kashyap

15 Most Mismatched Married Couples in Bollywood


Now that’s really, really odd. We knew opposite attracts but they’re poles apart. Eventually, their relationship didn’t work.

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Narghis Fakri & Uday Chopra

: weird couple in bollywood couples,

This Chopra has done everything wrong- from his film career to his relationships. Though they never came upfront about their relationship but who can stop paparazzi? Btw, have they ever asked Narghis what she has seen in Uday Chopra?

Juhi Chawla & Jay Meta

odd looking couples in bollywood

So far you have learnt the Bollywood formula of ‘we’re just good friends’. This 90’s diva spoke only this about Jay and finally tied the knot. Yes, they’re odd but cutely.

Simone Singh & Fahad

: weird couple in bollywood couples,

Yeah we know Simone is not that much prominent face in Bollywood but she is popular face in ads and serials and you can’t ignore her sparkling eyes and grace. How does she make a romantic couple with her husband, Fahad? God knows…

Tulip Joshi & Captain Vinod Nair

Mismatched couples in bollywood


What are factors that make a couple look odd? Looks, height, appearance, age and all, no? Well, there is nothing matching in this couple. Sometimes, matching hearts are enough, right?

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Kim Sharma-Ali Punjani

odd looking couples in bollywood

After dating handsome men (read Yuvraj Singh), she found her prince charming in Ali Punjani. Love is not only blind but omnipotence also!

Urvashi Sharma & Sachin Joshi

15 Most Mismatched Married Couples in Bollywood


The gorgeous Urvashi Sharma only felt the heart of Sachin Joshi to get married. Literally. As a result, they break all the records of odd couples.

Sanjay Dutt- Manyata

: weird couple in bollywood couples,

Both of them has several previous marriages and relationships.

But now they have found their match in each other no matter Sanjay looks like Manyata’s big brother.

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