15 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Lakes in India to Visit


While it comes to the natural beauty, India is the country which never fails you to surprise with its snow-topped Himalayan ranges, the wavy oceans on three sides, the beautiful forests and lakes. If you wonder about the presence of most beautiful lakes in India, you will be surprised to know that there are lots of fresh water and salt water lake in India. Go on to know more-

Wular Lake in Jammu and Kashmir

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It is one of the largest fresh water lake in Asia and also the largest in India. The deepest point of this lake is known as ‘Mota Khon’ which means ‘Gulf of Corpse’. This lake is not only the dwelling place of several wildlife but also provide livelihood to the local people.

Tam Dil in Mizoram

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Do you want a lakeside for bonfire and camping? Why not travel Mizoram to experience the pristine beauty of Tam Dil Lake, one of the most beautiful in India. A group picnic beside the campfire and the folklore of this lake, how thrilling!!!

Loktak Lake in Manipur

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Are you tired of the grayness of urban life? Do want to flew away into spend some days surrounded by pristine natural beauty? Loktak Lake in Manipur will welcome you with all its beauty and serenity.

Sattal in Uttarakhand

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The seven lakes (Ram Tal, Lakhsman Tal, Sita Tal, Panna Tal, Nal Damayanti Tal, Sukha Tal and Purna Tal) together in Uttarakhand gateway is known as Sattal. This place is famous among the birdwatchers as varieties of migratory birds visit this place every year in winter.

Damdama Lake in Haryana

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If you want to go out from the crowd and enjoy the sunset beside a waterbody, this is one of the best places to visit in winter season. Does that mean you can’t have anything for your adrenaline rush? Why not try boating, rock climbing on Sohnna Hills, trekking or Bungee Jumping?

Nakki Lake in Rajasthan

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Do you like to visit offbeat places? The architectures like Raghunath Temple or Maharaja Jaipur Palace or Dilwara Jain Temple can soothe your anxious mind and you can feel a divine peace here. This is surely one of the biggest lakes in India.

Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir

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There are numerous reasons behind the Dal Lake’s title ‘The Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir’. The colorful water market on ‘Shikaras’, lavish houseboats, the grand view of Mughal gardens- the heaven is here, here and here. This is one of the highest lakes in India.

Prashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh

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India is a country of mysticism and myths. If you ever set out to discover those, you will eventually come to this lake. The natural beauty of it also attracts tourists. I mean deep blue water body in between lush green valley…where else can you find this?

Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim

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You can only describe this milky white lake as “dangerously beautiful”. The lake, surrounded by thick snow and mountains, can leave the viewers awe-struck.

Changu Lake in Sikkim

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One of the most beautiful lakes of India, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the bright sunshine is reflecting more brightly from the snow. Just imagine the beauty! Magnificent, no?

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Pichola Lake in Rajasthan

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Udaipur is already known as ‘the city of lakes’. Moreover, the picturesque view of Pichola Lake can make you enthralled by its incomparable beauty. Take a boat ride on a full moon night with your newly wedded wife….lifetime memory!!

Berijam Lake in Tamilnadu

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If you really want to listen what nature talks to you, this is the place where you need to visit. If you get the permit you can experience the serenity of the nature; the water lilies may talk to you; and even you can see porcupines hiding behind the bushes.

Chilika Lake in Orissa

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Take a boat ride in this brackish water lake and enjoy the flight of sea birds, the fishermen’s boats, the vermillion hue at the time of sunset. The poet or painter in you will surely arise after experiencing such divine splendor of this one of the largest lakes in India.

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Vembanad Lake in Kerala

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How can the Almighty for his own country while showering magnificence to this nation? It is Asia’s longest lake but when you go to visit it, it will bow you down with the coconut trees on its shore. This is the one of the beautiful lakes in Kerala

Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad

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The statue of Buddha in the middle of the lake is the main attraction of this lake. This is the pride of Hyderabad. Take a boat ride and enjoy the exotic beauty of this lake.

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