Planning for a Foreign Tour? Check Out These Pieces of ‘Foreign’ Places In India First


Let us admit the truth. If you arrange the money, time is the biggest barrier to stop you from having a foreign tour. Does that mean you need to get disappointed? Never. India is such a country where you can enjoy the beauty of foreign locales that allures you through movies and calendars. With all those natural diversities, India is ready to surprise you always. So, have you packed your bags?

Kashmir- Switzerland of India

places in India that look like foreign travel destinations
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With all those snowy crowned mountains and colourful flowery valleys, Kashmir represents a piece of Switzerland to her visitors. If September presents you red apples and flowers, you can see Kashmir covered with snow at March-April.

Chitrakoot Falls- India’s Niagra

Places in India that is similar to foreign places
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You won’t find any difficulties to get the impression of the vast Niagra if you once visit the Chitrakoot Falls at Chhattisgarh.

Munnar- Our Own Pompey

Indian places look like Europe
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There is no need to make whole in your wallet to visit the lush green valleys of Pompey, Argentina. Munnar in Kerala is ready with the similar beauty to appeal to your senses.

Piece of France at Pondicherry

Plan a holiday trip to Pondicherry if you’re fond of French architecture. You’ll be surprised to see how the local culture and architecture is seamlessly getting along with the French style. Wonderful experience, no doubt.

Goa- Internationally Sexy

With all its sexy beaches, Goa is ready to welcome you to feel the throbbing sensation of the place. Are you planning destination wedding? You can’t find any better place than Goa.

Madhya Pradesh- Experience African Wild Safari-

Are you planning for visiting the royalty of African lions? Why not check out the majestic Royal Bengal tigers at Bandhabgarh National Forest in Madhya Pradesh?

Nainital- Feel the ‘England’

Have you seen the pictures of Lake District in England? You can find the same ecstasy if you visit Nainital. Different season decorates Nainital differently and it never stops to surprise you.

Alleppey- Venice in India

No need to book air tickets to experience the water life of people on boats. Go to Kerala and visit Alleppey. Float on the boats with your special person and cherish the moment.

Shillong- Indian ‘Scotland’

With its uneven meadows and lively green valleys, the beauty of Shillong can only be compared to Scotland. Pack your luggage to get away from the urban grayness for some days.

Live in Israel at Kasol

You won’t believe that you’re somewhere in India as soon as you reach at Kasol. The Israeli population and cuisine, the Hebrew signs and Hummus will give you completely different experience than any other places in India.

Little Greece in Malana

It is the belief of Malanese people that they are the descendants of Alexander’s army. Though there is no other similarities of these two places, you can rely on myths to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Rann of Kutch

Salt Flats of Utah- Test your friend by giving two pictures of these two places and ask him to say which is what. It will be very difficult for him to find any differences. Maybe these two are God’s twin children.

Experience Adventure Sports at Andaman & Nicobar Island

Why to buy tickets to experiment scuba diving and other adventure sports at Thailand if you have Andaman & Nicobar Island beside your home? Also enjoy the natural shades of blue and green.

India’s ‘Sahara’ Thar Desert

With endless sand dunes, poisonous snakes, scorpions, tribes and starry nights, Thar is enough to give you the feelings of visiting Sahara.

Touch of Amazon at Western Ghats

Want to experience dense forest with varieties of wild life? No need to go for Amazon forest; pack your bags for Western Ghats to get the thrilling experience of forest trip.


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