15 Movies That are banned in India For Various Reasons


Since the day of beginning, Indian Censor Board seems to ban movies solely based on the explicit contents, exposition of sexual life, abusing of substance or they have potentiality in order to disrupt the harmony of the society as well.

Kama-Sutra : A tale of Love

 Movies that are banned in India

By terming the movie explicit, immortal, unethical –Indian Censor Board has banned the film. The source or origin of the film Kama Sutra, this argument probably did not fit well with the concepts of authorities.  Some heterosexual or homosexual scenes also lead the movie to the path of Ban.


bollywood movies that are banned in india

The movie Fire actually depicts the concept of lesbian relationship between two ladies Sita and Radha—who are eventually sisters in law. The concept of homosexuality is enough to lead the movies to ban the film and the name of characters Sita and Radha fuelling the issue all the more.

Kissa Kursi Ka

banned movies that you should watch

The movie was actually the satiric presentation of Indira Gandhi. The furious supporter of the party burnt the posters and lifted the film prints from the Censor house and ultimately burnt them.  The film ultimately suffered a permanent ban.


top banned movies in india

The documentary film Sikkim, directed by the famous director Satyajit Ray, also faced ban after the merger Sikkim’s merger in India in the year 1975. The film showed perfectly how Chogyal ruled the state and also portrayed the true feelings of sovereignty of the Sikkim and that was under threat.

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Indiana Jones and Temple of doom

controversial bollywood movies in india

The famous adventure movie was unable to get rid of clutches of Censor Board. The movie is portrayed on the concept of Hinduism and also based in Indian and Hindi Culture but in a negative or bad light. The sole reason is enough to get banned permanently.


movies that are banned in india by censor board

Inspired by true political story and solely based on the private life of Indira Gandhi was banned during the session of emergency. Though it was not in satirical tone but also un-banned when Janata Party came into their power in the year 1977.

Bandit Queen

Movies that are banned in India

The movie is a perfect biographical sketch on the life of famous dacoit Phoolan Devi. Main character herself demanded it is not authentic and exposition of nude scenes also leads the movie towards banning.


bollywood movies that are banned in india

Anurag Kashyap’s directed movie faces the ban because of the glorification of extreme crude language, Sex, drug and violence. Even after cutting some scenes the film was not released at all.

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