10 Most Haunted Railway Stations in India


Train stations are one of those areas where it is difficult to imagine ghosts. Why? Just because this place is always congested with lots and lots of people. Still, you must have read in stories and seen in movies that train stations can also be haunted. Till now, you believed those are only stories. But how about it if you get to know that there are some real train stations which are haunted? Like haunted places, there are also some haunted railway stations in India. Have a look-

Barog Staion, Shimla

haunted railway stations

Due to its closeness to Tunnel 33, this station is also the haunting place of the ghost of Colonel Barog, the British Engineer who committed suicide here. Since then this station is believed to be haunted.

Begunkodor Station, West Bengal

haunted railway station in india

This was one of the abandoned railway stations in India. Do you know why? A lady in white saree years has threatened the lives of railway employees for 42 years. That’s why it was deserted till 2009 form 1966.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkata

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It is difficult believe that the prime metro station of Kolkata is another haunted station. It is reported that people have visited shadows and apparitions and they are threatened by such presence.

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi

 haunted railway tracks in india

Stories about this place is that a lady, suddenly appearing from nowhere, runs against your car or knocks at your car doors. Try to avoid this area at late night.

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MG Road Metro Station, Gurgaon

 india haunted railway station

This is one of the most haunted railway stations of all as the ghost of an old lady haunts this place and screams like hell with her bulging eyes and tongue. Creepy!!!

Naini Railway Station, Uttarpradesh

haunted railway stations

It is true that no shadows or apparitions are ever seen here, but it is reported that an unusual feeling disturbs people. it maybe because of the perished freedom fighters of the Naini Jail, which is not very far from the station.

Ludhiana Railway Station, Punjab

haunted railway station in india

Not the whole station but a small room at the corner of the Reservation Center has made it possible for the station to rank 7th on the list. It is the ghost of the Reservation Officer, Subhas who haunts the place.

Chittoor Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

haunted railway station

The recent haunted activities was so threatening in this station that the Railway Authority has deserted both ends of the platform after getting dark.

Now seeing ghosts isn’t like watching a movie. We don’t even know ghosts exist or not. One story is made once and then it reaches out its branches. So, just have fun and nothing else.



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