Most Haunted Places In India Where You will Feel Some Others are Around You


We always come to know about haunted houses from the stories of our grandparents. But we think that the truth of such houses can never be explored. No, the time has come when you can search the truth by visiting these houses. Yes, you heard it right. Here, I am giving the list of top 10 haunted houses present in India that give you a feeling of someone else present around.

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

most haunted places in India

If you put your ear on the walls of this fort on full moon nights, you can hear a shouting, ‘Uncle save me’. The story of a teenage price lies here. He was brutally assassinated in this fort.

Tunnel No. 33, Shimla

most scary places in India

The friendly ghost of Colonel Barog roams here. He committed suicide due to the humiliation he received for his mistake in calculation while the job of building this tunnel was going on.

Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Most ghostly places in India

This Baoli is made of red stone. You can find one-hundred and three steps here which go towards the well which is full of black water. It was told that depresses and disheartened people were hypnotized by this haunted well and surrender themselves into the well.

Church of the Three Kings, Goa

most haunted places in India

The haunting story of this church is known to most of the residents of Goa. The location of this church is also very gothic. The shooting of the film ‘Bhoothnath’ was held here. Poisionous meal was given by one king to the other ones for gaining power. But, later he also killed himself by consuming poison.

Grand Paradise Towers, Malabar Hill

most scary places in India

It is a residential block in Mumbai. Numerous cases of suicides took place in the eight floor of this building. A family living there experienced deaths of three generations at the flat.

National Library, Kolkata

Most ghostly places in India

The Lieutnant Governor of Bengal lived in this library in the earlier times. The guards work here at night claim to hear the footsteps of a woman. Even, the apparitions of those labours were also seen by them who died while the job of renovation was going on.

GP Block, Meerut

most haunted places in India

This building is situated in the Cantt area of the city. The stories of three men drinking beer or sitting beside a table or a woman roaming the three abandoned buildings in a red dress are heard about this block.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

most scary places in India

The strange behavior of dogs can be experienced if you visit here at evening. This is the beach where the cremation of Hindus was accomplished. People visit this beach in evening heard the whispering voice of these departed souls.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Most ghostly places in India

Bhangarh Fort is considered as the most haunted building ever in India. A hair-raising story is related with this fort. Singhiya, a tantric by profession, fell in love with a girl of this fort. He wanted that girl in any cost and that’s why, tried black magic on her. But, the magic acted reversely and the tantric died. After that, no one lived there due to his curse.

Jamali- Kamali Masjid

most haunted places in India

How a masjid can be haunted? Yes, this masjid is not a safe place for religious purpose. Several spooky stories are heard about this masjid.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla

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The beauty of this hotel would certainly attract you but you should avoid staying here if you are a faint-hearted. Paranormal activities take place in the room just beside the reception of this hotel.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

most scary places in India

It is quite unbelievable that Ramoji Film City has its secret stories. But it does. If you saty in the hotels of this film city, you would certainly experience some supernatural incidents.

D’souza Chawl-Mahim, Mumbai

Most ghostly places in India

This chawl is one of the well-known haunted houses in India. The spirit of a dead lady is found here who died by jumping into the well which was the source of pure water in this chawl.

Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty

most haunted places in India

The shooting of the film “Raaz” was held in this hotel. This hotel is now abandoned due to some eerie and unnatural ambience.

Down Hill, Kurseong

most scary places in India

This area is comprised of a number of inauspicious stories. Some woodcutters saw a headless boy walking around and vanished suddenly. Even, footsteps are often heard infront of the rooms of boy’s boarding school.


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