10 Most Haunted Movies That You Should Not Watch Alone


Ever screamed while watching a scary movie? Or ever got that spine chilling goose bumps on your skin while watching an eerie scene of the movie?  In my case I do both…that is scream and tuck myself close to the pillow. We all know that these are only movies but when you see it you get that thrill and awesome feeling of getting scared and spooked. That scary feeling when you sit alone to watch these scary movies  along with  a bowl of popcorn and you get spine chilling moments at night… !!! Sounds interesting right? But there is this different sensation you get when you watch the most haunted movies alone….

So here I am presenting you the most and terrific top 10 best horror movies in the world of all time that you should not watch alone if you have a weak heart….

The Exorcist

Scariest Movies That You Should Not Watch Alone

So here is the first one… if you have not watched it then do watch it immediately as the terrific scenes of a child getting possessed by a demon would never make you forget the movie.  It is a classic horror movie in the world of all time. The story and the plot have successfully attracted the attention of the viewers.  The possessed face of the child and her twisted body movements and positions are sure to give you chills. The movie was said to be so scary that a contest was organized which said people would be awarded with money if they could watch the whole film alone in the theatre. Few people got heart attack after watching this horror film alone.


most haunted movies in the world

Make sure you watch the Thailand version and not any other version of the movie. It is one of the scariest top horror movies that got ever made… There are many scenes which will automatically make you close your eyes. The final scene is quite famous as it will definitely give you chills and scare the hell out of you… this movie is strictly not meant for the faint hearted… so you better watch it with a companion.. Pun intended….!!

The Conjuring

most scariest movies in the world

Now imagine you are watching a horror flick alone and that too it is based on true events….. I bet nothing can get scarier than this!!! The wrath the family had to go through and the scenes of exorcism will give you goose bumps… and every time you visit your stairs alone you would never forget the “clap”…!!! This haunted movie is sure to make you feel uncomfortable and frightened…

The Shinning

Most dangerous haunted movies in the world

According to the critics this movie is one of the most haunted movies in the world. The slow pace of this horror movie along with the sound effects is sure to scare the hell out of you.   The awesome cinematography and astounding performances of the starts have made the movie even better. The background sounds would make you close your ears…. The slow progress of the movie adds more to the horror. I could not watch the film alone… damn..!!!

The Ring

most ghostly movies in the world

Watch the original Japanese version of the horror film from which it got inspired from. With the slow progressing of the movie the plots gets more and more complicated but every scene is sure to give you chills. It is a worldwide famous horror movie of all time…. do not forget to watch it… This is a must in my bucket list…. Though I wanted to throw away my TV out of fear after watching this haunted film.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

most paranormal movies in the world

This is again based on a true story. The film is made in such a manner that it will bring the fear out of you and you would not be able to shift your mind or eyes from the frightening and dreadful scenes… The exorcism of Emily rose is sure to give you chills and nightmares…..

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Scariest Movies That You Should Not Watch Alone

This is like another horror movie in the world which I could not complete watching alone … too bad… the scenes and the plots are too scary to watch… the famous scene where Tina was lulled to sleep gives me chills. This movie is sure to make you terrified and scared….


most haunted movies in the world

This is another one of the most haunted movies in the world you can watch but not alone. The plot shows how a family was haunted by a group of ghosts who were especially attracted to the youngest daughter of the family… The scenes that are shown would give you goose bumps…

So here comes the end of my horror flicks. There are many more but do not miss these horror films. Am sure after watching these horror flicks you would never watch scary movies alone again…..have fun watching them and make sure you have got a pillow to tuck your head in it or shut your eyes because you are definitely going to need one.


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