10 Most Expensive and Stunning Homes in India


Antila, Residence of Mukesh Ambani

Most expensive homes in India

About: Antila is the most expensive home in the entire India. In fact, it is recognized as the most costly home throughout the whole world. Mukesh Ambani is the owner of this home. The total area of this home is 400,000 sqft. This is a 27 storied building where 3 storeys are reserved for helipad and six of them for parking. Any sort of luxury, for which you are dreaming of, can be found in this building.

Value: Rs. – 10000 Crore

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

NCPA Apartments, Mumbai

Costly houses in India

About: The location of these apartments is Nariman Point. The cost of these apartments is twenty-nine crore to thirty-five crore. These apartments are considered as the most costly area in the entire world. NCPA Apartments have become one of the ten most costly homes throughout the whole India.

Anil Ambani’s Abode, Mumbai

Expensive and costly buildings in India

About: In the race of lavish and luxurious home, Anil Ambani wishes to catch his own brother. His brand new home is under construction now. The cost of this building is approximately 5000 crore or even more than that. The two Ambani brothers will be the owner of the most costly homes within a few days.

Value: Approx 5000 Crore

Owner: Anil Ambani

Mannat, Residence of King Khan

Costly houses of richest persons in india

About: This is the dream home of the King of Bollywood. He is now considered as the second richest actor in the whole world. It is located at Bandra.

Value: 125 crore to 150 crore

Owner: Shahrukh Khan

Ratan Tata’s Bungalow, Colaba

Expensive homes in India

About: The home of Ratan Tata is just like a mansion. It is located at Colaba. Ratan Tata is well known as the best industrialist throughout the whole world. The total area of his home is 15,000 sqft. Six levels and three storeys are comprised of this bungalow. An infinity pool can be found at the top. All the luxurious and lavish features are comprised of this mansion.

Value: 125 crore to 150 crore

Owner: Ratan Tata

JK House, The Residence of Raymond’s Owner

Top most expensive houses in India

About:JK House is located in Mumbai, Breach Kandy. This house is equipped with thirty floors. Among these thirty floors, one floor is reserved for health center, museum and helipad. In addition, six floors are reserved for parking. All amenities of luxury can be observed in this building.

Owner: Gautam Singhania

White House in the Sky, Residence of Vijay Mallya

Best 10 expensive houses in India

About: The mansion of Vijay Mallya is situated in Bangalore. He is the chairman of UB Group. This home has to be included in the list of the most expensive homes in India. It can easily be guessed that all the luxuries, features and facilities of life can be received in this mansion.

Value: 100 crore even more

Owner: Vijay Mallya


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