10 Most Dangerous Roads in India To Make You Scared To Drive On


It is a matter of grief that the condition of most of the Indian roads is not good at all. The patience of an experienced driver gets tested on these roads. Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous roads in India on which you would not ever wish to drive.

National Highway 22

most dangerous roads in India

This road is given a name ‘highway to hell’. National Highway 22 is considered as the scariest road all over India. The road is constructed by cutting a mountain and that’s why, the tunnels and cliffs play the role of ‘Yamdut’.

Neral-Matheran Road

most dangerous roads in India

Undoubtedly, your heartbeat can be stopped by watching this serpentine road. This road is very smooth but speeding up a car is prohibited here just because of the narrowness of this roa

Chang La

most deadliest roads in India

Attention please! Nausea and breathlessness are the common problems that are experienced by the drives in this route as Chang La remains coved with snow all around the year. Therefore, it is advisable to carry medical kit along with extra warm clothes while driving on this one of the most dangerous road in the world.

Zoji La Pass

Dangerous highways in India

The most deadliest road of India is Zoji La Pass. This is mainly because of its narrowness and snow covering feature. This road links Kashmir and Ladakh.

Khardung La Pass

most thrilling and adventurous roads in India

Turns like hairpins are found in this pass which can make even experienced drivers scary. This dangerous road always remains under the inspection of army. From the month of October to May, this road remains closed.

Rajmachi Road

most risky roads in India

The rush of bikers and trekkers can be observed on this road which is located in the Sahyadris. During the monsoons, this adventurous road becomes very slippery.

Three Level Zig Zag Road (Zuluk, Sikkim)

Most Dangerous Roads in India To Make You Scared To Drive On


You may certainly say ‘wow’ after watching this road in a picture. But, driving on this deadly road located in Sikkim, is not so easy at all. Remember, people with faint heart are prohibited to pass through this road.

Leh Manali Highway

most spectacular roads in India

It is very difficult to drive on this road. Massive damages happen to several four-wheelers and trucks. This road remains snow-laden all the while which creates the main difficulty.   

Kinnaur Road

most crazy roads in India

The dark narrow holes and cliff-hanging drives of this road will definitely astound you. With a single mistake, you can be swallowed into the river Baspa.

Valpari Tirupati Ghat

worlds' dangerous roads

Reaching the most congested temple on this earth is not so easy at all. A very risky ghat is located in Tirupati where many people breathed their last breath.

So, do wanna experience the adventure of driving on these roads? If yes and you become successful, you would certainly deserve a medal.

Khardung La Pass

most dangerous and beautiful roads in india

Nathu La Pass

Scariest roads in india

Gata Loops

most dangerous and beautiful roads in india

Pune-Mumbai Expressway

most dangerous roads in india
Traffic highway


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