10 Most Dangerous Rides in the World


In this modern era, the heart of everyone is being dominated by the technology and entertainment. Therefore, establishing amusement parks, theme parks and gardens has become a mandatory matter of fact today for enumerating more fun into monotonous lives of common folk. Now-a-days, high preference is given to amusement parks by people due to the presence of rides. However, it is very important to ensure the safety before trying on such rides. Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous rides in the world located in these amusement parks.

Tarzan Swing

most dangerous rides in world

Twenty feet high cable is consisted of these dangerous amusement park rides. This cable is hanged from a steel arch. In order to relish this thrilling ride, patrons need to wait otherwise accidents can occur. The design of this ride has so many flaws and that’s why, the owner had to close the park.

The Alpine Slide

most dangerous theme park rides in the world

This ride was situated in Action Park. Verbal harassment was brought by this ride as fiberglass was used for making this track. That’s why, serious scratches were caused on the riders. The project was shut down due to this very reason.

Tank Ride

most dangerous amusement park rides in the world

At Motorworld, this ride is located. It has a small tank driven in a chain like fence. The excitement of the riders is created by the tennis ball mortars. Remember, this ride is not very user-friendly and that’s why several accidents were caused. Now, it is closed.

The Kayak Experience

most thrilling rides in the amusement park in the world

In the year of 1982, this ride was closed after the death of a visitor. The ride had been fixed with a boat leading the people downward all of a sudden. This was not safe at all.

Aqua Scoot

world's most dangerous amusement parks

This ride is consisted of metal rollers which are like those rollers found in airports for sliding luggage. Lots of patient is required for enjoying this ride. The particular positioning ought not to be missed.

The Cannonball Loop

most dangerous rides in world

In this ride, both roller coasters and loops were present. It is a deadliest amusement park rides in the world. In order to illustrate the thrills of the park, it was developed. However, various injuries are caused by this ride.

Gladiator Challenge

most dangerous theme park rides in the world

Aggressiveness was showed by Action Park for many years to appear in competition of American Gladiator. The entire act of this ride is too dangerous to accomplish. In the year of 1995, this ride was removed from this park.

Geronimo Falls

most dangerous amusement park rides in the world

This is one of the dangerous theme parks rides. Sharp edges are observed in this ride. One of its portions was confined for preventing the rides coming off from the top. The riders hang on a metal bar with their feet at the edge.

The ‘Grave Pool’ (Action Park)

most thrilling rides in the amusement park in the world

The nickname of this ride is the tidal wave pool. This pool is very dangerous indeed and considered as most dangerous rides in the world. Several riders have drowned in this pool due to the bad design of this pool.

Surf Hill

world's most dangerous amusement parks

This type of ride is very common in the water parks. The seventh lane of this line is not good for back. That’s why, you should not try on Surf Hills if you are having back problems.


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