Years after years, Iceland is considered as the safest and the most peaceful country in the whole world, according to the index of the Global Peace. The level of peace and safety is measured every year with the use of 22 indicators. The top five safe and peaceful countries on earth include Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Switzerland. Now, you need to know about those countries which are not safe for you while planning for vacation. Here is a list of top 30 most dangerous countries in the world which are devoid of peace and are recognized as the most dangerous countries in the world.

Syria (3.650)

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Syrian Civil War has made this country one of the top 10 dangerous countries in the world. More than 200,000 people were died in this conflict. The war started to protest the government of the president Bashar al-Assad.

Pakistan (3.107)

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There is no scarcity of challenges faced by this country such as corruption, poverty, overpopulation, terrorism and so on. Conflicts with India and political instability have undoubtedly characterized the history of Pakistan. This country should rank in the list of dangerous places in the world.

Yemen (2.629)

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This country is such a place where riots and social unrests are the matters of everyday. Yemen experienced eleven civil wars and that’s why, the country lost its peace for ever.

Russia (3.039)

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The rate of crime is higher than any other country in Russia such as murder for hire, extortion, fraud, human trafficking, money laundering and drug trafficking and so on. Other activities also include abduction, terrorism, black marketing and corruption.

Zimbabwe (2.662)

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Deteriorating economy is the prime reason of criminal offences in this country. The countrymen are involved in robbery. “Smash and grab” is the most popular form of crime in Zimbabwe.

Columbia (2.701)

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One of the highly segregated societies can be seen in this country due to the economical discrimination. Various crimes often take place here such as kidnapping, murders, drug-trafficking etc.

Nigeria (2.710)

Most Dangerous Counties In The World

Nigeria has to face numerous societal issues. Most of the government workers are involved in corruption. Nigeria’s crimes include domestic violence, rape, child exploitation, child labour, torture and many more. This is really one of the dangerous places on earth.

Iraq (3.377)

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Although Iraq War was finished in 2011, the country had been affected badly. This war continued for nine years. Islamic State which is taking over huge areas of the northern Iraq including the provincial capital of Tikrit or Mosul is the main problem of this country. This country can rank in top ten dangerous places to travel.

Israel (2.689)

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The conflict of Israeli-Palestinian is the prime reason of instable safety in this country. In the middle of 20th century, this conflict was begun and till today, it continues.

Afghanistan (3.416)

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Everyone knows that Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Although Afghanistanian war began in 2001, it continues till today. Removing Taliban from power and dismantling Al-Qaeda are the prime concerns of countrymen here.

South Sudan (3.397)  

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Due to internal conflicts, South Sudan fails in keeping peace though it had been made an independent state on July, 2011. Thousands of people were displaced due to this conflict.

Somalia (3.368)

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This country has also been listed in this group due to the Somali Civil War started in the year of 1991. Later, numerous clan-based armed organizations, armed rebel groups joined the conflict and made the situation worst. Remember that it is one of the most dangerous countries to visit.

Ivory Coast (2.546)

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In the years of 2010 and 2002, this country experienced civil war. The common rights of human get violated her due to the effect of civil war.

India (2.571)

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Our motherland has to face numerous challenges including terrorism, improper public health, corruption, poverty and malnutrition. Additionally, the common violations in our country include illegal drug trading, domestic violence, arms poaching and trafficking etc.

Chad (2.558)

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Being the most corrupted and poorest countries in the entire world, Chad is affected by political violence. The increment of corruption and criminality can be seen here due to the devastating poverty and political instability.

Central African Republic (3.331)

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This country became independent from France in the year of 1960 and from then, it’s responsibility was handed to some autocratic leaders. Unrest begun between Christian, Muslim and the government of this country.

Guinea – Bissau (2.591)

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Political instability is the prime reason of unrest in this country. Higher level of crime always took place in this country including human trafficking, murders and so on.

Ethiopia (2.502)

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Uncountable deaths and injuries are caused in this country due to the political and criminal violence. Some of the common crimes in this country include pick-pocketing, robbery, “snatch and run” thefts etc.

North Korea (3.071)

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This country is devoid of humanity. The crimes took place her are arbitrary detention, movement, expression, freedom of association, ill-treatment and torture. That’s why, numerous incidents of executions and deaths are common in North Korea, one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Egypt (2.571)

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Clashes take place in this country between anti-Morsi protesters and Morsi-supporters. Lots of deaths and injuries are resulted in this country due to these clashes.

Democratic Republic of Congo (3.213)

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Here again political instability is the prime reason of increasing crime rate in this country. The country was devastated by the Congolese Civil Wars.

Mexico (2.500)

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The most popular crime of this country is drug trafficking. Marijuana, heroin and cocaine are mostly supplied by this country to the United States and Latin America.

Sudan (3.362)

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Internal conflicts devastated the nation after facing the war in the Darfur region and two civil wars. The legal system of this country is dependent on the strict law of Islam and made it as one of the dangerous countries in the world.

Lebanon (2.620)   


The common crimes of this country are kidnappings, unrest and killings. The country has been spoilt by the Syrian Civil War.

Ukraine (2.546)  

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Inner conflicts are the main reason of unrest in this country. Thousands of casualties are resulted due to this violence in Ukraine.


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