15 Most Beautiful Road Trips in India You Must Take


Are you completely pissed off your monotonous lifestyle? What could be more amazing refreshment than travelling? There are several ways of travelling. Many people like to get on the train; others prefer flights. But once you experience the road trips, you won’t prefer any other options. Do you have a gang of friends? Then ride on motorbikes and leave all your stress at the sides of the roads. Here are 10 exotic road trips which are adventurous as well as full of surprises to satisfy your senses.

Shimla to Manali (Via Mandi)

beautiful road trips in india

This road trip is once in a lifetime experience. The road is surrounded by hilly terrain and River Beas is giving you the best company on your trip. You don’t need to hurry at all to reach at the destination. Play with the ice cold water and live in the moment.

Manali to Leh

amazing road trips in India

The amazing natural beauty of this road can mesmerize you completely. It’s almost impossible to describe the glory of this road in words. Travel by an open jeep to capture the snowy splendor of this road trip.

Pamban Bridge- Rameshwaram

most stunning road ways in India

You don’t need to find any reason why Pamban bridge takes an important place on our list. I mean, how does it feel to cross a road way while surrounded by water everywhere? The deep blue sea under your feet and the vast expanse of the sky makes us realize how small we’re in front of the vastness of nature.

Mumbai to Goa

awesome road trips to travel in india

Goa is the land of romanticism and exuberance. Why not flame up your party mood while travelling through this trip? The picturesque views of the road can completely captivate you and make the 10 hour journey worthwhile. Don’t forget to stop by the yummy road-side food joints.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

wonderful road trips for car

People often back off from road trips due to the bad conditions of many roads which makes their journey more tiring. You can eliminate that kind of thought while travelling on this road. Feel the royalty of the Ranas and travel through the desert.

Dehradun to Nainital

Beautiful road trips in South India

The Himalayan road trips are ready to surprise you at every turn. This road trip will give you a chance to halt at Haridwar to view the ravage beauty of River Ganges. The high range mountains at one side and the edgy road is enough for adrenaline rush.

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

beautiful road trips in india

If this is your first road trip, you’ll never forget this one ever. The 116 km road trip will not give you any chance to be bored with its lovely curves, serenity of the hills and the lush greenery. Halting at Bora Caves and Tatipudi Reservoir are additional advantages of this road trip.

Guwahati to Tawang (Via Bhalukpong-Dirang-Bomdilla)

amazing road trips in India

If you have that indomitable daring spirit, why not take the challenge of travelling the North-east region through this route? And once you show the guts, the nature will welcome you with pristine beauty. The monasteries, snowy glory of the road and the tribal culture- what else do you want?

Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu-La-Pass

most stunning road ways in India

To many of us, travelling is synonymous of exploring new paths to reach at destination. The North-east India is heaven for those super-adventurous people. Though the hilly terrain is challenging a lot, the road side beauties of high range mountain with snowy crowns can relieve all your stress.

Puri to Konark

awesome road trips to travel in india

Make your camera ready as this route is ever ready to pose for photographers. While your bike or car runs under the canopy of the roadside trees and the moist breeze play with your hair, you can think if there is heaven anywhere, it is there.

Ahmadabad to Kutch

wonderful road trips for car

Make this road trip at full moon night. You can enjoy the bright moon after the sunset and when you reach at your destination, you will see the barren desert is waiting you with splendor.

Old Silk Route

Beautiful road trips in South India

How thrilling experience it is to travel on the roads, used by the great ancient travelers like Hsuan-tsang, Fa-hsien or Marco Polo? This hilly route connects Lhasa with India through Jelep-La Pass. Touch the history by yourself once in your lifetime.

The Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur)

beautiful road trips in india

The name suggests the beauty of this road trip. If you want to touch the ancient India with all its rich culture, natural majesty and historical reminiscent, make out this road trip once with your friends or family.

Bangalore to Bandipur Forest

most stunning road ways in India

A list of exotic road trips can’t come to an end if you don’t have a forest trip in your life. This greenery of this charming highway can soothe your vexed eyes from urban grayness. And your enjoyment will be double if you suddenly spot a deer.

Rohtang Pass

awesome road trips to travel in india

On the way of Manali to Leh, you get this panoramic hilly route with snow, both sides of the road. The beauty of the place can’t be imagined within the four walls of your office or house. Set your imagination free and pack your bags to spend this summer, exploring places and capturing moments.


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