15 Wonderful Places in the World People Risk their Lives to Visit


There is no scarcity of natural as well as magnificent wonders in our world. Most of the visitors get attracted towards these wonder throughout the whole year. But, you need to keep in mind that some of these wonders are very fearful and scary. If you are that sort of person who wishes to defy their destiny, can go ahead to see these wild beauties of the world. Here is a list of top 15 breathtaking places on earth where people risk their lives to visit.

Mont Blanc Box, France  

Image source- www.guim.com

This is the glass box that stands 12,604 ft. over the rocks. A view of 360 degree angle from the tallest peak of Europe is offered by this box. Although the structural durability is ensured by the engineers, you would certainly feel the thrill just after entering into the box.

Huayna Picchu

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While intending to see the city of Machu Picchu, you need to visit the top of this mountain. The main hindrance of summiting this mountain is created by the high altitudes, narrow steep and stair and inhospitable terrain.

Mount Huashan, China

risky and beautiful places in the world
Image source- www.static.flickr.com

This mountain in Chin is famous for its creaky wooden planks, steep edges and vertical stair cases. Wanna summit this mountain?

El Caminito Del Rey, Spain

most beautiful and dangerous places in the world

In the year of 1905, it was built. This place is well-known as the “Little Pathway of the King”. This is the place where bold climbers enjoy a lot.

Kjeragbolten, Norway

risky places in the world people visit

This place is a rock wedged between two boulders in the Kjerag Mountain. It has become one of the popular places of photo shooting.

Phugtal Monastery, Ladakh

most dangerous but beautiful places in the world

With the utilization if timber and mud, this monastery was constructed. It is situated in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. The appearance of this monastery is just like a giant honeycomb.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Northern Pakistan

stunning and superb places in the world visit with risk

This bridge is situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. It is not only a poorly maintained but also very long rope bridge. Moreover, the bridge is shaken by the strong wind.

Trolltunga, Norway

amazing places on the earth people risk their lives to visit

The original name of this place is Troll’s Tongue. It is considered as the most spectacular cliff in the entire Norway. The view from this cliff is undoubtedly breathtaking.

Mother Cliffs, Ireland

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 Undoubtedly, it is an unnerving matter of fact to cycling in a track which is four feet in width. In the year of 1987, Mother Cliffs is featured as the “cliffs of insanity”.

Siju Caves, Meghalaya

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This cave is the 1st natural limestone cave in the entire India. You will be made freaked out by its wobbliness.

Stolen Chimney, Fisher Tower, USA

risky and beautiful places in the world

The shape of this tower creates difficulty in summiting. It is situated on the Ancient Arts tower, one of the Fisher Towers in Moab National Park, Utah.

Devils Pool, Zambia

stunning and superb places in the world visit with risk

The lip of the Victoria Falls is formed by this pool. Numerous visitors lost their lives here for trying to get the perfect view of the 355 foot cascade.

The Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

most beautiful and dangerous places in the world

This bridge is the one of the most astounding pedestrian bridges of Switzerland. This Trift Bridge is 170 meters long and 100 meters high. The entire journey of reaching this bridge is very adventurous.

Yungas Road, Bolivia

risky places in the world people visit

This road is given a name by most of the travelers and that is ‘The Road of death’. Numerous accidents are happened on this road due to poor maintenance.

Aukland Sky Tower

most dangerous but beautiful places in the world

This tower is famous as one of the tallest manmade structure on earth. If you want to enjoy the thrill of bunjee jumping, then you should visit here.



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