Top 13 Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Superstar – Rajinikanth


The name is itself an institution of the Indian cinema. If Sharukh Khan is giving tribute to the “Thaliva” with “Lungi Dance”, why not showing our respect to this living legend? Rajinikanth, the super stylish actor of the Indian Cinema, has millions of fans throughout the world. As he is such a huge public figure, are there any facts that are still unknown? With this blog, you can get to know some lesser known facts of the super star, Rajinikanth.

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad

unknown facts about rajnikanth

Who is this? OMG! Is this the real name of our ‘Thaliva’? Yes, he is the living god of South-Indian cinema, but by birth he is Marathi. His father, Ramoji Rao Gaekwad, was a police constable at Mysore.

Second Highest Paid Actor in Asia

interesting facts about Rajnikanth

Sky is the limit for this man. After the immense success of ‘Sivaji’, he became the second highest paid actor in Asia with 26 Crores. He didn’t limit himself there as he has broken his own record of being paid with 45 Crores for his upcoming film ‘Endhrian’.

Who is His Favourite Actor

lesser known facts about Rajnikanth

Rajinikanth has millions of fans in this globe. Whose acting does he appreciate the most? It’s Kamal Hasan, another superstar of Tamil Film Industry. He considers Kamal Hasan as his close friend, too.

A Prank Star at Teenage

lesser known facts about Rajnikanth

What is the image of Rajinikanth we get? A man who can make impossible possible or a generous man with utter poise. Did you know he was a prank star at his early teenage? He always got into trouble due to his mischief.

History of His Cigarette Style

unknown facts about rajnikanth

How many times have you clapped and whistled at his style of lighting up cigarette? Actually, he started it up when he was in his college. Just to show the seniors that he is eligible to join their gang.

Soulful Rajinikanth

interesting facts about Rajnikanth

12th December is the birthday of the superstar. But, he celebrates it outside the country. Do you know why? 3 fans were died in an accident while returning from Chennani, after his birthday celebration.

Mentioned in the CBSE Syllabus

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Actors count their popularity by appearing on fashion magazines and social networking sites. But, appearing on CBSE syllabus? It’s really something worthy.

Early Life

lesser known facts about Rajnikanth

Rajinikanth started his life as a bus conductor in Bangalore. Later, he joined the Pune Film Institute to carry on his career. While his family was against his decision, his friend Raj Bahadur supported him to pursue his career.

Active in Social Networking Site

unknown facts about rajnikanth

Rajinikanth joined twitter on 2014, and he was followed by 150000 followers on the very first day. According to the Economic Times, he becomes the fastest rate of followers among the Indian Celebrities.

He Has Never ‘Died’ on Screen

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‘Rajinikanth’ is the name of making everything possible on screen. His fans can’t see him dead on screen. For many years, his characters are not dying on screen. Even directors are afraid of killing his characters as that can create riots among fans.

Appeared in Hollywood Movies

important facts that no one knows about Rajnikanth

He is the milestone of Tamil Film Industry. But he has also appeared in a Hollywood movie in the year 1988. It was named as The Bloodstone and directed by the famous director, Dwight H. Little.

Wrote First Screenplay

lesser known facts about Rajnikanth

We all are aware how expert he is in acting. Do you know he has written the screenplay of the movie, Valli? He was the producer and appeared in a small role in that film.

Diversified Career

important facts that no one knows about Rajnikanth

He is regarded as the god of Tamil Film Industry. But, he also has done films in Telegu, Hindi, Kannad, Malayalam, an even in Bengali.


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