10 Unknown & Interesting Facts about Kapil Sharma


Our weekends were never so amusing before the arrival of Kapil Sharma in the world of entertainment. ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ is hosted by him and this show has become popular throughout the entire country. But this man, who is giving us so many laughing evenings, is really happy in his personal life? Has crying been ever a part of his life? This blogs is about those facts of Kapil Sharma’s personal life which are unknown to his fans and followers.

His Struggle is like an Investment to Him

unknown facts about kapil sharma

There are numerous odd jobs done by Kapil for survival before earning this popularity. Crates of Pepsi are picked by him. Even, he worked in a cloth mill and P.C.O. All these experiences are taken by him as a stepping stone.

Emotional Kapil

interesting facts about kapil sharma

In the popular show of Anupam Kher, it is confessed by him that he is not only a very sensitive but also an emotional person from inside.

Family is Everything for Kapil

facts you do not know about kapil sharma

When Kapil participated in a reality show for the first time, he won the first prize with an amount of 10 lakhs. He spent all his savings including this prize money on his sister’s marriage.

Kapil Resemblances His Father

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His father always loves to laugh. Even when, he is diagnosed with cancer, he remains very content. It is Kapil’s wish to become a man like his father.

He Believes His Mother is the Source of Encouragement

unknown facts about kapil sharma

It is believed by Kapil that his mother is the person who is responsible for his success. All his credits go to his mother. His sense of humor comes from his mother.

From a Family of Cops, He Comes

interesting facts about kapil sharma

Shri Jeetendra Kumar, his father was the Head Constable in Punjab Police. His elder brother also worked in force. That’s why, it is seen that in most of the shows, he plays the role of a police.

He is Fond of Music

facts you do not know about kapil sharma

Music is the first love of Kapil. Any situation is handled by him easily with the help of music. Moreover, it is also told by him that he loves all the simpler aspects of life.

Kapil Has No Expectation in Life

information on kapil sharma

It is believed by him there are very few persons in the world who are as lucky as him. Therefore, he does not have any higher aim in life.

It is Hard to be Funny All-time

unknown facts about kapil sharma

The task of remaining funny all the while is not possible for any comedian. This plays like a pressure in his life.

His Fame is not Taken for Granted

interesting facts about kapil sharma

Kapil knows very well how to maintain fame and humility at a time.


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