10 Highest Paid TV Actors with Unlimited Money


The list of the most costly TV actors has been released by Forbes for 2016. It is not surprising at all that Sitcom Stars are dominated it namely, the actors of Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Among four of the top 6 slots have been nabbed by Big Bang. The pack is led by Jim Parsons who is earning twenty-nine million dollar. The leader of the last year Ashton Kutcher was overtaken by him along with the co-star of Big Bang, Johnny Galecki. Approximately twenty million dollar is earning by Kutcher and twenty-seven million dollar by Galecki.

All these observation are not surprising. This is mainly because the ongoing contract negotiations of the last year before Kaley Cuoco, Galecki and Parsons landed deals for one million dollar per episode.

The four leading men of Modern Family make it into the top 10 earners. Also, the cut is made by Patrick Dempsey, Kelvin Spacey and Mark Harmon when the drama becomes over weighted.

The listed names of the actors:

Jim Parsons –

most paid actor


He is earning more than 29 million dollar.

Johnny Galecki –

top paid actors


The co-star of Parsons is earning 27 million dollar.

Mark Harmon –

highest earning actors


This actor is earning 20 million dollar.

Simon Helberg –

highest paid tv personality


His earning is equivalent to Harmon and that is 20 million dollar.

Kunal Nayyar –

top 10 highest paid actors


This actor is also earning 20 million dollar.

Ashton Kutcher –

highest paid tv stars


He is earning twenty million dollar.

Jon Cryer –

highest paid actor in the world


This actor is earning 15 million dollar.

Ray Romano –

highest paid tv personality


Approximately, 15 million dollar is his earning, similar to Cryer.

Patrick Dempsey –

highest paying actor


He is earning 12 million dollar.

Simon Baker –

highest paid tv personality


His earning is equivalent to Dempsey, 12 million dollar.

Most importantly, it is pointed by Forbes that a separate list is made for comedians. So, there is no need to wonder about the stand out of Terrence Howard, Empire and Jon Stewart. Sometimes, the earnings of an actor cannot be translated by his popularity very quickly.

Remember, paydays are measured for providing ranks to these TV actors before taking management fees and taxes. This is according to the movie star list of Forbes. The sign-gigs and endorsement deals are included by the tally like Ty Burrell’s promotional deal with Verizon and Parson’s current stint on Broadway.

Soon, the names of the top ten TV actresses will be published by Forbes. It would be really interesting indeed. Let’s hope for the best outcome.


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