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Where can you find the happiest people? Obviously, in the happiest countries in the world. Are there anything like this in the world or happy countries can only be found in fairy tales? You will be surprised to know while the whole world is throbbing with the fear of terrorism and other problems, there are some countries at every corner of this world where people are living happily and peacefully. Do you want to get along with them? Go through this blog-


May be this country is not included within the list of per capita GDP, but the UN’s World Happiness Report has revealed that with freedom to live according to individual’s wish, strong social support system and less corruption, this country has taken the top place among the happiest countries of the world.


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We already know how exciting the Caribbean Islands are! Now, this country, with the second biggest barrier reef in the world can create a happy and funny lifestyle for the dwellers.

Costa Rica

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Do you know the meaning of “Pura Vida”? In Costa Rica, locals use this to mean “life is good”. Have you ever thought of a country which needs no army? Costa Rica can welcome you with its vivid natural beauty and happy people.


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The country of Aurora Borealis will definitely come top in the race of happiest countries of the world. The residents have admitted that they get positive experiences each day of their life than negative ones. With all its fjords, mountains and glaciers, Norwegians live a charmed life.


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Once this country was devastated by the impacts of Civil War. Now, the country holds strong place on the list of happiest countries throughout the world. The journey was not easy ever. But, if people want to be happy, what can stop them?


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Hollywood and Bollywood movies have made this place the romantic capital of the world. With stunning natural beauty like snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, beautiful lakes, people of this country don’t find any reason to get sad. Moreover, they have Swiss chocolate to be happy.


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This is the safest country of Central America. No doubt, people are happy here. Their happiness is reaching higher as adventurous people are targeting this country to get the most adventures. Thus, the tourism business is developing in this country.


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To make a country happy, you need satisfied citizens. This country has set example with strong job market and wonderful balance in work-life of the countrymen. Moreover, people can enjoy the freedom to live life according to their choice.


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This country has proved that real happiness is not related to economic progress. Panama is one of the poorest countries of the world but with divergent natural beauty, lively dance and colourful festivals, the people of this country has got the secret to live happily.


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According to several international reports, Vietnam is regarded as one of the happiest countries in this world where the work culture is very high and people live with satisfaction.


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When a nation face any challenges with two magical word “No Problem”, how can it be sad or have problems? With exotic Caribbean beach, Azure Ocean and vast sky, colourful dresses and Jamaican music, this country is always fun-filled.


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people can live their life as they choose they devote heartily to the improvement of their country. The Swedish people know the mantra of happiness. So, making a corruption free country is an easy task to them.


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From work culture to education, from safety to high life expectants, Canada has everything to make the citizens happy. One of the largest countries of the world, Canada fills the citizen’s life with sheer positivity.


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While a country offers huge national holidays (2nd in the world), why people won’t be happy? With rich Columbian coffee, people of this country enjoy their life to the fullest.


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This country has gained its worldwide popularity because of it’s the best education system, work-life balance, high life expectancy and low level of corruption. What more do we need to define a happy country?


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You already know how Australians adore their sports. Besides, the coral beaches, vast skyline and deep blue sea and natural resources, the country presents a bunch of happy people.


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With very little population, the citizens of this country share a strong bond of friendship and neighborhood. What do we need to be happy while living with friends and family?


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