10 Unknown & Interesting facts about Shah Rukh Khan


Uncrowned Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is a self-made man.  He is one of the most sensational topics in the film industry due to his success stories and most importantly biography of shahrukh khan will inspire people to achieve something with own zeal and determination. But still there are many unknown things in his life too and you will be amazed to know them.

His Actual Name is Abdul Rahman

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The actual name of this badhsah of Bollywood is Abdul Rahman. In a talk show, he confirmed the fact and also told that it was his Nani who named him Abdul. But he also states that he never registers this name and eventually he becomes popular under the name of one and only Shahrukh—the name which bring his stardom was named by his father.

SRK wanted to Join Army

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Asking about his aspiration he strongly admits that it was never his lifelong dream to become an actor. Instead, he admits that, he always wanted to be a part of glorious Indian Army. He was very happy to play the role of Samar Arya in Jab Tak hain Jaan. He feels the sensation by his heart while playing the character of rescue squad. It was his mother who was not so keen to send him into the Indian Army. But he would have definitely prospered a lot if he was in army. This is really an unknown and interesting facts about Sharukh Khan

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SRK Was Adopted by His Nani

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It was very few people who know this interesting Shahrukh Khan facts that he was adopted by his grandmother. He was adopted because his grandmother who was very eager to have a son. He stayed with her until he was 5 or 6 years old. Later on he moved back with his parents and started to live with them.

SRK sleeps in Ironed Pajamas

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Though it sounds very odd or funny, but he always sleeps in Ironed Pajamas. He does this because he wants to look pleasurable even in Pajamas so that if he happens to meet someone special in his dreams, he always wanted to look special and handsome too.

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Mumtaz—His Favorite Actress Till The Date

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Actor Shahrukh khan has always a very big list of female fans. But do you know who his all-time crush is? Well she is very beautiful and gorgeous Mumtaz. Though she is a Yesteryear actress, but calls her immensely beautiful and sexy.He just fell in love with her acting skill and she is his favorite actress all the time.

He Has a Very Long List of Favorite Actor

He has a very long list of favorite actor

For every actor it is very important to draw inspirations from yesteryear actors and when he is asked about his inspirations he always took the names of veteran actors like Balraj Sahani, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bhacchan, Shashi Kapoor. This is really an unknown facts of Shahrukh Khan.

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SRK signs 5 films in one day before commencement of his career

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For a newbie it is always tough to start career in Bollywood, but do you know that SRK started his career by signing not one or two but with five different films and that also in one day. This is one of the important fact of biography of Shahrukh Khan.

SRK Met Gauri when he was 18 and she is 14

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The duo has already passed 22 years of togetherness. Though they started to see each other in a very tender age, but resulted in happy union.  When they first met with each other he was 18 and she was just 14. But this puppy love turned into happy and successful marriage.

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