15 Extremely Dangerous Travel Destinations in the World


What is the necessity of travelling in human life? Obviously, it is about changing the monotony of everyday life. To some people, travelling becomes the greatest fun when it comes to the thrilling experience of adventure. There are many people who like to take risks and have some unforgettable experience in their lives. From the haunted ruins to the impassable mountains- if adventure calls, you can’t stay at home. Here are 15 most dangerous tourist destinations of the world. If you plan to visit these, we wish you all the luck.

Kailas Mansarovar

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The dwelling place of Lord Shiva. It is inevitable that it won’t be an easy place to travel. The changing altitudes can make breathing tough, while the difficult terrain is too much dangerous. One has to sign a death statement before travelling here.


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Won’t you get goose bumps whenever you heard about the legendary stories of Machu Picchu? Why not feel the thrill of travelling the place? Pack your bags and start for Peru. Before that, beware of the thugs, terrorist groups and drug trafficking leagues that threatens tourists at that place.


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This is no doubt a beautiful country with lots of historical background. But the security issues and criminal activities sometimes make it impossible for travelers to travel through the country. If you have an indomitable urge to visit this country, consult a travel agency and travel in large groups.


Extremely Dangerous Travel Destinations in the World

Precisely, the capital city, Bangkok can turn any enthusiastic and happy tourists into confused and lost ones who become frantic after losing purses and wallets. The organized crime in that city is so rampant that tourists are the easiest prey for them. Moreover, the Thai police are not that much careful to the miseries of tourists which make the situation worse for the visitors.


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What’s wrong with this Central American place? Behind the eye-catching scenic beauty of this place, there are threats of murders, terrorist activities and other crimes. The killer diseases only make the icing on the cake. Are you planning to visit here? Know proper ways and take appropriate precautions.

 Rio De Janeiro

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How many times you have amazed to see the place in movies? Why not make this holiday fruitful by visiting this place? The beaches will allure you the most but you may find yourself completely robbed if you don’t be enough careful and follow your guide. To be precise, Rio is a place of dreadful beauty.

 North Korea

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Visit this place at your own risk. The political topsy-turvy of this country has made it a risky destination for tourists? Why to take the unwanted risk while there are other places to visit?


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If this country gives you enough reason not to visit; the rich culture (both ancient and recent) of this country has gained the attention of tourists from ages. At the present time, you don’t need any more reasons than terrorist activities in the country. The volatility of the country makes it a hazardous destination for tourists.


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Have you enjoyed the movie ‘Happy Feet’? Want to see penguins, live? Arrange a trip to Antarctica. Take preventative measures to face Katabatic winds, crevasses and avalanches and enjoy this lifetime adventure.


most risky travel places in the World

The Columbian capital is now safe to visit due to the interference of the police and Government into the tourist department. Still, the road trips throughout the rural areas are risky due to kidnapping threat.

Cape Town

 Extremely Dangerous Travel Destinations in the World

Why this ‘sexy’ spot is full of threats? Actually, you can’t do anything if a group of thugs steals your money or passport and leaves you all alone within a moment. You also have the risk of kidnapping.

Haiti and Dominican Republic

 Extremely Dangerous tourist Destinations in the World

Do you like to stay all time in the hotel rooms while travelling a new place? But, this is the only way to keep you safe while visiting this exotic locale. Thievery, assaults, murders, credit cards rampant- the list is never-ending.

Phugtal Monastery

Extremely Dangerous places in travel in the World

If you are afraid of heights or have vertigo, suppress your adventurous spirit to visit this place. At Ladakh, this monastery is placed on a cliff-side. Check the picture and play a puzzle game of ‘where to enter’ with your friends.

  Canyonlands National Park

most risky tourist Destinations in the World

Have you seen the movie ‘127 Hours’? We don’t need to explain anything more to realize you the danger of this place. This area in the USA is so deserted that you can’t get help if you get lost or trapped here.


most risky travel places in the World

Google this place of Hawaii and the pictures will mesmerize you. Don’t fall for looks as those can be deceiving. Those mountains, which attract the mountaineers like a magic spell, have high, narrow path to make people dizzy. There are several death reports at this place.


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