15 Most Deadliest Highways & Roads In The World


Do you wanna experience driving on the deadliest and dangerous highways in the world? Well, it’s not a matter of fun. With the blink of an eye, you may see the entrance of hell while driving on these roads. The list of top ten dangerous roads in the world is given here for ensuring safety in your journey.

Trollstigen, Norway

most dangerous highways in the world

Numerous sheer drops and hairpin bends are comprised of this road. ‘Troll Ladder’ is the other name of this deadliest road.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

most risky highways in the world

Permission is required for driving on this one of the most dangerous roads in the world . Skippers Canyon Road is too narrow to pass two cars side by side.

US Route 431, Alabama, USA

most dangerous highways in India


Due to poor visibility on this road, most of the accidents take place. This dangerous and deadly highway is often called the ‘Highway to hell’.

Bruce Highway, Queensland

Deadliest highways in India

Approximately seventeen percent highway deaths take place on one of these top ten dangerous roads in the world.

A726, Scotland

most thrilling and adventurous highways in India

The twist of this road is not properly made out by most of the drivers and this is the prime cause of most of fatalities in Scotland.

Nairobi- Nakuru Highway, Kenya

most risky highways in India

320 people were killed on this road within a year. Most of the drinkers drive on this dangerous road.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road

Steve and Supreet will join the CAB Meeting respresent this change

This road creates nightmare for many drivers with its sheer drops, loose gravel and huge potholes.

Federal Highway 1, Mexico

most crazy roads in India

This road is regarded as the scariest highway in Mexico and also one of the deadliest and dangerous highways in the world. The unpredictable nightmare for many buses and trucks is the wild snake observed on this highway.

Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

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This highway is recognized as the ‘Killer Highway’ in Philippines. Heavy traffic is the main problem of driving here.

N2, South Africa

most dangerous highways in India

Located in South Africa, N2 is considered as the worlds most deadliest roads. Most of the drivers on this road drive their cars crazily on this road which causes fatal accidents here.

Pan-American Highway, USA

most dangerous highways in India

In the Guinness Book, you can find out the name of this road as this dangerous road passes through 10 countries. The presence of livestock, landslides and high temperature has made this road too complicated to drive on.

Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

Deadliest highways in the world

One of the most fearful roads in Taiwan is Taroko Gorge Road. You can experience every possible difficulties in this road such as mountain drops, narrow roads and blind bends.

James Dalton Highway, USA

most risky highways in the world

The other name of this road is Haul Road. The difficulty is created by the stormy wind has made this road as one of the top ten dangerous roads in the world

Nanga Parbat Pass, Pakistan

most accident prone roads in the world

This bypass is very risky. The presence of narrow and unstable mountain and also treacherously high altitude has made this roads more dangerous.

Ruta 5, Chile

most crazy roads in the world

Ruta 5 National Highway goes through the Atacama Desert which is the driest desert in the world. Remember, the biggest killers on this road are stormy wind, boredom and absence of petrol station.

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