15 Awesome Cars in India That Comes in 4 Lacs only


It was a time when having a car means you belong to a certain class of the society. Car has always been a status symbol for upper class of the society. But, time has changed. Now, the price of the cars has come within the reach of common people. And those are also luxurious and have all the facilities. The car companies are designing best cars in India within 4 lakhs only. So, having a car in your garage is easy now.

Best Hatchback Cars in India below 4 Lakhs

When you hear hatchback, the name pops up in your mind are Mercedes or Audi. Then you think those are celebrity thing. Now, buying cars in India below 4 lakhs is possible. Yes, you heard right. Have a look-

Renault Kwid, the Best Car in India withi 4 Lakhs

best cars in India within 4 lakhs only

This stylish car costs Rs. 2.57-3.53 lakhs. The exterior of the car is super stylish while cabin is comfortable and digitally advanced.

Tata Nano

best petrol car in india within 4 lakhs

If any car has made the dream of cars come true for middle class people, then it is Tata Nano. This new diesel car ranges within 2lakhs to 2.93 lakhs. The only word to describe it is ‘Cute’.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

Things that are banned in the world but not in India

Though the car is not too good looking but it can be a car for beginners. It costs around Rs. 3.69 lakhs. It can also small storage place to carry small luggage.

Hyundai Eon, One of the Best cars in India within 4 Lakhs

hatchback cars in india below 4 lakhs

The range runs between Rs. 3.11 lakhs and 4.24 lakhs. And the cost is completely worthy because of it good looks and its comfortable service.

Datsun Go-


Are you looking for the best cars in India within 4 lakhs only? Then you should go for this big, spacious and smart hatchback which costs only around 4.04 lakhs.

Maruti Omni-

Cars in India That Comes within 4 Lakhs Only

It is quite cheaper car with enough facilities. The 5-seater omni starts from Rs. 2.52 lakhs. For your large family, it can be a good choice.

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Maruti Eeco-

new diesel cars in india below 4 lakhs

This car ranges between 3.22 lakhs-4.25 lakhs. This car is a minivan for big family. From 5-seaters to 7-seaters, this car can be the best car for Indian joint families.

Chevrolet Spark-

best cars in india within 4 lakhs budget

If style, comfort and price- these are the 3 vitals you need in a car, then Chevrolet has brought the right thing for you. It starts from Rs. 3.63 lakhs and can be your style statement.

Hyundai Santro Xing-

best cars in India within 4 lakhs only

The price of the 6 versions of this car roams within Rs. 3.5 lakhs to 3.94 lakhs. This car is equipped with 1.1 liter, 4-cylinder petrol mill and good for 62bhp.

Fiat Palio Stile-

best petrol car in india within 4 lakhs

When it comes about the best cars at cheap price, this sedan body car can be your first choice. It costs within Rs. 3.48 lakhs to 3.85 lakhs.

Chevrolet Beat-

hatchback cars in india below 4 lakhs

Are you looking for best diesel cars at affordable price? Why not buy Chevrolet beat as it will come within 3.81 lakhs.

Maini Revai-

new diesel cars in india below 4 lakhs

This hatchback car is a 4-seater and it can save your cost on fuel as it runs on electricity. This car is available at the price of Rs. 3.56 lakh.

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