Amazing Car Collections of Shahrukh Khan with 20 Fascinating Cars


Shahrukh Khan or better known as King Khan or Badshah Khan loves to buy cars. He purchased several luxury cars which he considered as his precious collection. Do you know that the estimated value of his purchased car is more than 8.5 crore? Another interesting aspect is that number 5 is preferred by the King of Bollywood. Therefore, you can find out the number 5555 on couple of his cars. Let’s take a look on Shahrukh Khan cars collection –

Bentley Continental GT

expensive car collections of shahrukh Khan

The price of this Bentley is 2.25 crore. This car is mainly used by Gauri Khan according to the articles published online.

Rolls Royce Phantom 

expensive car collections of bollywood actor Sharukh Khan

This car is handmade by the special engineers of Rolls Royce Motors. It is exclusively designed for exclusive personalities. The price of this Blue Rolls Royce Coupe is 2.7 crores. This is one of the best Shahrukh Khan car collection

BMW 6 Series

expensive car collections of shahrukh Khan

King Khan is very fond of BMW cars which are considered as the most luxurious car in the world. So, he owns a BMW car of 6 series. This car costs 99 lakh.

BMW 7 Series

car collection of shahrukh khan

Shahrukh Khan is in love with the series of BMW and that’s why he purchased another one. This car is very convertible. 1.3 crore is the price of this car. Well, it is not a matter of surprise as he is the King of Bollywood, after all!

Mistubishi Pajero

Shahrukh khan car collections

We can only take information on these cars or we would say wow after seeing the photos of SUV cars. But, King Khan is the owner of two SUVs. One is Mistubishi Pajero and the other is Landcruiser Prado. The costs of these cars are 26 lakh and 65 lakh accordingly.

Landcruiser Prado

superb car collections of SRK

Audi A6

expensive car collections of bollywood actors

This car is bought only for the purpose of picking up his children Suhana and Aryan. It costs 50 lakh and perfectly matches with the lifestyle of Shahrukh.

This is the evidence of Shahrukh’s love for four wheelers. Along with his expensive home, the list of luxurious cars is also a matter of pride for him. Now, his next purchase is yet to come infront of us. That would be more stunning, of course. Wait for that.

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