All the pan masalas are more or less cancerous. Knowing all these, some very popular actors and actresses are endorsing these Pan Masala brands, only for money. They are the kind of role model for youngsters of this country who try to adopt their lifestyle and habits. These type of advertisements attract a vast amount of population and increase trends of tobacco among the youngsters of India. Delhi police advised some Bollywood stars to stop the promoting Pan Masala brands. The stars like Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Sunny Leone, Govinda and many more got letter from government to stop advertise of those pan masala, as they contain cancerous ingredients. Here we are giving name of such actors and actresses who are promoting and advertising various Pan Masala brands.

Shahrukh Khan Earns Crores from Pan Vilas Pan Masala That May cause Dangerous side-effects

The king of Bollywood and heartthrob of millions of fans also done an advertisement of a Pan Masala brand named ‘Pan Vilas’ only for money. He got paid Rs.20 crore for this endorsement. In the ad he is saying, “Cricket aur Pan Vilas Silver Dewz, do chhese jo refresh kare India ko!” Actually is it! Obviously not!

Ajay Devgn is Saying Vimal Pan Masala! Daane Daane mein kesar ka dum”.

In the advertisement of  ‘25 years celebration of Vimal Pan Masala’ Ajay Devgn is promoting this Pan Masala brand. He is saying in the ad “Vimal Pan Masala! Daane Daane mein kesar ka dum”. Seriously! Everyone knows that he is not doing advertisement for the saffron or ‘kesar’ of Kashmir but the ‘Pan Masala’ which causes cancer.

HOT Sunny Leone is Introducing Mehak kesar Shilajit Pan Masala

This dream girl of millions of boys and men is endorsing  ‘Mehak kesar Shilajit Pan Masala’ in her own seducing style which is enough to excite the men community and promote the pan masala. As we know ‘Chewing of Pan Masala is injurious to health’.

Priyanka Chopra is Asking Her Fan to Take Rajnigandha which May cause Cancer

This former miss world and Bollywood superstar and as well as Hollywood actress is also endorsing a Pan Masala brand named ‘Rajanigandha’, where she is advising youth to take ‘Rajanigandha’ just for money.

Saif Ali Khan is Saying Pan Bahar! Pehchan Kamyabi Ki”!

The nawab of Bollywood also promoting ‘Pan Bahar’, a Pan Masala brand, where he was saying, “Pan Bahar! Pehchan Kamyabi Ki”! It’s ridiculous! He is from a big family background and a well-known public figure! In this point when he promotes a tobacco company only just for money, it’s just unacceptable.

Akshay Kumar is Asking to Take Baba Elaichi

No doubt he is a wonderful actor with a huge fan followers, even he is very conscious about his own health and fitness. But, it is sure that he doesn’t care about the health of the youth of India, because when it is known to all that he is endorsing a product named ‘Baba Elaichi’ of a leading Zarda brand of India ‘Baba’ which is basically a tobacco company.  And as we know ‘Tobacco causes cancer’.

Govinda is Distributing Paan-e-Shahi From Helicopter

Even Govinda also has promoted a pan masala brand named ‘Paan-E-Shahi’, where he is distributing pouch packets of that Pan Masala from helicopter. What! Is it a joke or something else? In this ad he is saying ‘Daane daane pe swad ka dum’.

Arbaaz Khan is Promoting Paras Pan Masala For Money

Arbaaz Khan has promoted ‘Paras Pan Masala’. In the advertisement he is telling how wonderful this Pan Masala is by describing the ingredients. The tagline was, “Bejod khusboo Bejod Swad”.

Sanjay Dutt is Selling Goa Gutkha To Earn Crores

What to say to this guy? He even had been seen to take tobacco at cancer awareness event! Obviously he doesn’t care about others health. Oh yes! He also done an endorsement of a Gutkha named ‘Goa Gutkha’. Gutkha is now banned most of the states of India as it is extremely unhygienic and cancerous.

It has been seen that in last few years the trending of taking Pan Masalas and other tobacco products increased among Indian women and children in high percentage. Most of the cases they said that they were inspired by those advertisements, which implies that those actors and actresses are directly and indirectly responsible for that. As they are public figure so they should have some responsibilities to the nation. Money is not everything.


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