15 Amazing Bike Riding Trips In India You Must Choose


Having a boring life or not getting the desired peace of mind? Have you ever tried solving this problem of yours via travelling!! If not then give it a thought right now!  It will be worth it. Who said travelling depends on basic transports like that of trains or flights..If you own a bike then there is nothing better than having a road trip. Here I present you some of the best bike trails in India which will leave you speechless.

Manali to Leh

bike riding destinations in india

The beauty of the highway stretching from Manali to Leh cannot be described in words. It covers a distance of 479 kilometers. The road remains clear for about 5 months that is during the summers and during mid October. There are facilities from where you can even rent bikes for these road trips. This can be one if the most memorable road trip in your lifetime.

Delhi to Leh

best motorcycle tours in india

This is considered as the most adventurous bike road trip you can ever have in your life. For all you bike lovers this is your trip I tell you. The journey starts from the capital of the country Delhi. From here you got to pass through Chandigarh and via the mesmerizing valleys of Manali . The bike trip would end in Leh.  Initially you would not feel it as a mountain trip but once you enter Manali you get the real feeling of actual bike trip.  It might take a week to reach to the final destination but don’t you worry… You will have plenty of awesome sights that will be pleasure to your eyes.

Spiti Valley

top bike routes in india

This is like the second best destination you can visit after Leh. If you ask me which one would be the best …trust me I won’t be able to answer because both the places are my favorite.  The place will make sure you enjoy every bit of the trip by its natural beauty.  Do not forget to give your taste buds the best flavor of apples and apricots found there.

National highway seventeen

best bike rides in india

now this is one of the famous coastal bike rides you can ever imagine to have… the highway stretches from Mumbai to Maharashtra and finally to Kerala. Now the trip can be done at one go or else you can also do it in parts.  This highway makes sure you get to see the best beaches in India including Goa. So do not forget to take your beach clothes. The best travelling season will be during the winters.


best bike riding places in india

Here you will experience the rugged terrain and the beauty of the place at the same time. It will take you few days to complete the journey. Make sure you have plenty of time in your hand. You won’t regret making this bike trip ever in your life.

Western Arunachal Pradesh

bike riding destinations in india
Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

best bike trips in india
Pollachi to Chalakudy(Kerala)

best motocycle roads in india for bikers
Mumbai To Goa

best motocycle roads in india for bikers
Jaipur To Jaisalmer

best motocycle roads in india for bikers
Ahmadabad To Kutch

best bike trips in india

Shillong To East Khasi Hills

bike riding destinations in india
East Coast Highway of Tamil Nadu

bike riding destinations in india
Delhi To Ranthambore

best bike trips in india
Delhi To Corbett To Nainital

best bike trips in india

Bike trips have got a different flavor which can score over any trips. If you are dedicated traveler then just get going to these destinations with the bike without giving it a second thought.   You won’t regret this decision ever.


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