Best 15 DJs Ever In India With Hottest Beats


The fact has to be accepted by all that the disc jockeys are very creative. Their job is to mixing up various pieces of music is an overwhelming manner. They have the power to bring all the feet into the dance floor. Even, a party can be made enlivened by their simple touch. Discos and nightclubs are their destination for sure. In this era, the work of several Indian DJs has been spread out all over the world. Do you want to know about them? Here we go.

DJ Suketu Radia

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DJ Suketu is just rocking the entire India since 1995. Some of his famous tracks include “Who Lamhe”, “Pyar Zindagi hai”, “Kya Khoob Lagti Ho” and “Bin Tere Sanam”.

DJ Ryan Beck

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He is the winner of DMC 1999 All Indian and the war of DJs 1998 All Mumbai. All the high end clubs are his destination for giving performance.

DJ Nyk

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The most dedicated DJ in this country is none but Nikhil Sahni or DJ Nyk. Multiple genres are experimented by him including house, chill out, break beats and ambient.

DJ Aqeel

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The concept of Super Club is introduced by him in India. He has created a number of excellent records.

DJ Ravish

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This is such a man who takes music as his willpower. At the very young age of 15, he started his career as a DJ.

DJ Praveen Nair

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DJ Praveen started his carrier as a DJ since 2002. He studied engineering but cannot suppress his desire for mixing musing. A night show on 93.5 Red FM is held by him. His consoles are held in Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia.

DJ Nasha

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Numerous Hollywood remixes are created by this super talented DJ. A professional DJ academy has been opened by him in India. He has been made the most appreciated DJ in India by some of his tracks including Jawani Janeman, Yara Sili Sili etc.

DJ Akhtar Faisal

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One of the best DJs in India is Akhtar Faisal. He stays in Mumbai and has played his music in the best clubs here.

DJ Akbar Sami

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“Jalwa” was his first album. People know him by the name of ‘Remix Guru’. Now, he also works as music director too. Mumbai is his hometown.

DJ Pearl

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The media of India has described her as the best female DJ in India. She is a soft-spoken girl. Pearl played her music in all the best clubs in India.

DJ Khalid Kazeem

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Khalid was very passionate about music from his tender age of 14. He used to scratch on the vinyls and records at this age. He is working as a professional DJ for the last ten years. He has played music in House, Club, Electro and also in Bollywood.

DJ Megha Kawale

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The movement of female deejaying in India is pioneered by this lady. Now, she is well known all over the world for her excellent work in this category. She always provides rocking performances at her consoles.

DJ Lil B

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Bhavini Shah, better known as DJ Lil B is 22 years old. She is an inborn artist and can be considered as the first Indian female DJ. Nightlife is very much loved by her. At the tender age of 13, she started earning.

Abhishek Mantri

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Abhishek is rocking all the DJ consoled for the past sixteen years. He shared consoles with a number of top artists including Caroline Banxx, Clauzia Cazacu, DJ Atx, Hannah Wild, Ezze and many more.

DJ Ankytrixx

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He is the new prince of in the world of Indian DJs. Several prestigious awards have been won by him including No. 1 DJ in Electronica, VH MyFav Awards etc. He has intense love for his followers. For the last two years, Ankytrixx is considered as the busiest DJ all over Asia.



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