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India is proud of having many intellectual students and this is a universally acknowledged fact. Therefore, our country gives utmost importance to impart quality education to its citizens. School is the first educational institution in the life of a child. In fact, this is not a place to learn but also to live. This is truer when we talk about boarding schools. Yes, there are several boarding schools in India which are considered as the pillars of Indian education system. These schools take the whole responsibility of transforming a little playful child into an authoritative citizen. The list of top 22 most beautiful schools in India is given here. Go through this blog to learn about these schools in detail

Mary’s High School, Mount Abu

best boarding schools in india

The school is located in an isolated place and that’s why, it is free from the chaos of city life. The location is made more beautiful by the proximity of Lower Kodhra dam.

Montfort School, Yercaud

best boarding schools in india


Montfort school is surrounded by hills on all sides. The location of the place helps in making intellectual and bright minds here.

Mayo College, Ajmer

best boarding schools in india

You can see the photo of this school on the stamp of telegraph and post department of India. Earlier, Mayo College was well-known as an institution for the noble.

Heritage School, Pune

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The outer appearance of this school is completely unique. It is really excellent to study here.

Doon School, Dehradoon

top boarding schools in india

This school is considered as the best school in the country. It is built on the standard of British. Doon School is well-known as the Eton of India.

Bede’s, Shimla

top schools in india

One of the best schools in Shimla, St. Bede’s provides a well-planned curriculum and an excellent environment to grow.

Lawrence School, Lovedale

international schools in india

Picturesque setting can be seen if you visit this school. It is located in the remote area of Ooty.

Welham Girl’s School, Dehradoon

top 10 schools in india

Miss Oliphant set up this school for providing top notch education to the girls. Brinda Karat and Deepa Mehta take pride in calling themselves Welhamites.

Kasiga School, Dehradoon

best schools in india

The campus of this school is spread within a huge location. The large cricket ground of this school is the USP of Kasiga School.

Blue Mountains School, Ooty  

best boarding schools in india

One of the best schools in India having astounding school campus is the Blue Mountain School. Separate playing field and courts for different sports like badminton, basketball, cricket, table tennis and volleyball can be seen here.

Goethal’s Memorial School, Kurseong

best schools in india

No other place is better than this school in Kurseong. Students get chance in this school consider themselves lucky.

Woodstock School, Mussoorie

best boarding schools in india

This school is located in the proximity to the Mall road. Pari Tibba is the USB of this school.

Paul’s, Darjeeling

most beautiful schools in India

The lush green landscape of Darjeeling helps in nurturing the young minds in a exclusive way. The recognized alumi of this school are Tenzing Norga and Kelly Dorjee.

Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie

best residential schools in india

The total area of this school is more than three-hundred acres. Separate campuses can be found here for seniors and juniors.

Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur

top ten schools in india

Most of the children are excited to study here due to its castle-like appearance.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

top boarding schools in india

A learning centre for those children who are mentally-challenged and non-resident are run by the founder of this school.

Druk White Lotus School, Leh

top schools in india

This school was shown in 3 Idiots as the school of Rancho. The lesson on the culture of Tibetan Buddhist is given here.

Rajkumar College, Rajkot

international schools in india

This school was established for the prince of Rajkot and their relatives. Now, it has become a public school.

Sherwood College, Nainital

top 10 schools in india

This is the school where Amitabh Bachchan studies. Other alumni include Major Somnath Sharma and Field Marshal Manekshaw.

George’s College, Mussoorie

best schools in india

The residential campus of this school stretches for a distance of four-hundred acres. The facilities of gymnasiums, tennis courts, swimming pool, equipped hospital and so on are provided by this school.

Dalhousie Public School, Dalhousie

best boarding schools in india

The student get the opportunity to study here are really blessed to enjoy the scnic beauty of this school along with quality education system.

Scindia School, Gwalior

most beautiful schools in India

It is undoubtedly a proud school to have stars like Salman Khan and Anurag Kashyap. The beautiful landscapes of Gwalior help in giving birth to a number of bright minds.



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