10 Beautiful Office Building Campus in India


Hope you are not in your office at the time of reading this article. Otherwise, you will certainly feel bad because this article is going to give description of the most stunning IT offices in our country. You may start hating your office after reading this blog.

Infosys, Mysore


The architectural pattern of this office is marvelous. From a bit distance, it looks like White House. You may take this building confusingly as a royal heritage property.

The facilities of five-star holiday resort, sports complex and multiplex are provided in this office.

coolest office campus in India

Employees are facilitated with an awesome Multiplex

amazing office campus and building in India

The swimming pool are beautiful ambiance has made this campus look like a RESORT

Amazing and Most Spectacular Office Buildings in India

beautiful office building campus in India

More than sixty acres, TCS has been spread over which is considered as the biggest facility provided by TCS for software development. This campus is capable of providing accommodation to 25000 employees. The shape of this campus is just like a butterfly. 

The inner look and facilities can make you SURPRISED !!

stunning IT office building campus in India

Cybertecture Egg, Mumbai

largest IT office campus in India

The designer of this architecture is Law Cybertecture. The latest virtual architecture, evolutionary engineering, ingenious control system and environmental design are comprised of this architecture.

Fisheries Department Building, Hyderabad

amazing IT office building campus in India

The campus of this office is made in the shape of a giant fish which seems crazy to some extent. This building was constructed in the year of 2012

Adobe Headquarters, Noida

top office building campus in India

Software are developed by Adobe by which the world is being made amazingly beautiful. Their office campus is also extremely fascinating. The design of this office building is innovative as well as exceptional.

  I-Flex Solutions, Bangalore

awesome IT office building campus in India

The shape of this architecture is just like petals of a flower. It is consisted of unque compartments and blocks. More than, 1500 employees are desked at one in this office.

Engineering Design and Research Center, Chennaimost wonderful office building campus in India

The touch of nature cannot be seen in most of the corporate offices. However, this rule has been changed by EDRC with its amazing construction.

The Twisted Building of Bata, Gurgaon

stunning and beautiful IT office building in India

The building of Bata in Gurgaon is excellent to look at. It is made of twisted glass. Every twisted glass floor is stacked upon each other for making this twisted building.

The South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center, New Delhi

amazing IT office building in India

The building campus of this office is magnificent. An exemplary design is found within the plot of 50 sqm which is very cost-effective. The entire office complex is designed in an exceptional way.


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