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We, smokyevening.com is a part of DigitalPro Technologies, a digital marketing agency based in Kolkata, India. We have started our journey through blogging only to reach out to the large number of readers.

With our tagline, ‘The Gateway of Entertainment’, we are obliged to quench all your queries and curiosities about entertainment news. With our efficient and enthusiastic team of authors, we have made it possible to present every nook and corners of the entertainment world to our readers so that they can be updated always. From the deadliest tourist spots in the world to top 10 richest actors in the world, Smokyevening.com is there to serve you the best while it comes to entertainment.

Some of the topics that our blog covers are entertainment, Bollywood, travel, sports, food, be amazed and India. From now on smokyevening.com can be your ultimate destination where you can find craziest yet informative and entertaining news. Starting from Bollywood news to dangerous vacation spots, car collections of celebrities to scariest movies of the world cinema, happening information are ready to grab your attention.

Moreover, we provide high quality pictures to establish our points, firmly. Each and every content is well-researched and well-established with the purpose to provide ultimate amusement and enjoyment to the readers so that they feel the urge to come back again and again to search for what’s new.

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