6 Most Adventurous Destinations In India


Do we know any person who does not want to travel? Do we?? I do not think I do! Travelling is such a magical and an enthralling term which refreshes our mind us just at the thought of it. Travelling is something we people cannot live without. In our boring hectic lives we do need a break at some point of time. What can be better than travelling!

India is a place which would offer you numerous adventurous destinations to its travelers. Ranging from the great Himalayas to the serene beaches of Andaman and Goa and to the dry desserts of Rajasthan, India has it all. If you are a dedicated traveler then India is the place for you my friend where you will find many adventurous sports to try out your luck and strength.

Here I present you the 6 most adventurous destinations in India-


Located in the northern parts of India, Arunachal Pradesh is best known for its epic beauty and serene climate. Here you will find the tempting vastness of the hills and the mountain. Things you should try:-

Bike Tours:

most adventurous places in india

If you are willing to face the challenge with the mighty mountains and the hills, hanging bridges and the deadly passes then Arunachal Pradesh is the right place for you. It is perfect for the bike lovers.

Trekking in Siang valley:

adventurous trips in India

 You may find several trekking camps there where you can get your names enrolled. It is an 11days trek which is quite famous there. Here you can explore the beauty of the place and also get engaged with various activities. The trek involves awesome terrains and enthralling passes.

Angling in the river of Subansiri-

adventurous holiday destinations in India in Winter

Now angling is a method of fishing. Subansiri is the river which originates from the greater Himalayas in Tibet. If you are a fan of angling then do not miss the experience of it in Subansiri River.


adventurous honeymoon destinations in india

This is something many people are scared of but what fun do we get if we do not overcome our fears? This is the right place and the right sport to get over it.  Challenge the river with your rafting skills and experience the most adventurous and spine chilling moments with the huge gushing waves.


Assam is also located in the north eastern part of India.  It comprises the Brahmaputra valley.  This is also a place where you would get mesmerized by the beauty of place. The soothing temperature would touch your heart and the warm welcome of t he natives out there. Pure bliss! Things to do:-

Kaziranga National Park:

adventurous places to visit in india

So when you are in Assam never miss the chance to sport the one horned rhino in the Kaziranga national park. You can take the elephant ride which is sure to give you the spine chilling experience and the enthralling and majestic view of the jungle. You might also spot the tigers and other animals.

Rafting in Brahmaputra:

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As I mentioned before challenge the rough water to overcome you fears. You would not find any such exciting and adventurous sports other than rafting.  Visit the Nameri national park and suffice your adrenaline rush via rafting.

Jungle Safari:

best adventurous activities to do in india

This Park consists of many endangered species. It is very well protected area. You will have to take an elephant ride to go through the jungle. You may easily spot leopards and other deadly animals.


Bungee Jumping:

10 Extreme Adventures Sports Destination in India

Ever thought Bihar could fall on the list? No right? Many of us do not know that Bihar is famous for bungee jumping. Shocked? Jagdalpur provides you the chance to overcome your fear of heights and challenge it via bungee jumping. You could feel the adrenaline rush running through your blood.


I find it very difficult to think anything except for the beaches whenever it comes to Goa.  With the pristine blue water and the green cool coconut in your hand you could relax your mind and enjoy the soft feeling of the golden sand under your feet. This place never fails to amaze its visitors.

Snorkeling/scuba diving:

Adventure sports and destinations in India

 The turquoise waters of Goa is bound to give you the life long experience of the  marine life. You can quench you lust for adventure via this sport.


most adventurous places in india

Ever imagined what is it like to have a bird’s eye view? Give your imaginations the wings to fly and get mesmerized by the awesome beauty of the beaches and the lush green valleys.

Underwater walking:

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Have you ever imagined you could walk anywhere else other than on the roads? Yes you can. Goa presents you the sport of underwater walking where you can feed the fishes and explore the hidden truths.

Udann dongor Trek:

adventurous holiday destinations in India in Winter

This is considered to be the best trek for the beginners. It comprises passing through rugged terrains and small hills.


adventurous honeymoon destinations in india

It is considered to be a very important landmark in Goa. It is famous for its scenic beauty and the awe inspiring waterfall.  The trek often involves covering the whole of the cascade which would give you a life time experience.


Bike Trip:

adventurous places to visit in india

This is perfect for the bike lovers. Hit the open roads and get going to the desert of Gujarat. It is often called a trip to nowhere. Yes, nowhere. You would get a different felling wherever you experience something new and something which you were not expecting. Though in a positive way obviously but don’t you think it is more enthralling when you do not have a stipulated destination to reach and you ride along according to the curves of the roads.

                         So here are six awesome and most thrilling adventure destinations which you can visit. Take a break from your busy schedule and just get going because you might not get such a divine chance again. These awesome and awe thrilling places rate bound to blow away your minds.



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