10 Worst Bollywood Movies Ever – Everyone Should Avoid Watching


There is no scarcity of Bollywood movies which are not only senseless but also irritating indeed. We are being made cringed by hearing the very names of those movies. The very belief of people in film making gets doubted by these types of films. In this blog, you will be able to learn about those top ten worst Bollywood movies according to the ratings of IMDB.

Himmatwala (1.8/10)

worst bollywood movies forever

This film was released in the year of 2013. Really, ‘himmat’ is required for watching this movie of Sajid Khan. It is a remake of the movie that was made before 30 years. There is no doubt that this film is worse than the real one.

Karzzzz (2.1/10)

10 worst bollywood movies forever

It was released in the year of 2008. The luck of Himesh Reshammiya was not in his favor this time. The legacy of the real movie was ruined by this remake.

Aap Kaa Syroor: The Movie-The Real Love Story (2.2/10)

bakwas movies in bollywood till now

This film was released in the year of 2007. The very name of the movie says about it’s the confusing story. The most important thing about this movie is that it was made in Germany, that’s all.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (2.0/10)

bad cinemas in bollywood ever

In the year of 2007, this movie was released. This is the remake of Sholay but the performance of this film was not satisfactory at all. Along with using his name in the very title, Ram Gopal Varma gave the role of the villain to Amitabh Bachchan.

Drona (2.3/10)

bad cinemas in bollywood ever

The film was released in the year of 2008. Abhishek Bachchan plays the role of a warrior here. His appearance has become just like a female Samurai. Inspite of the usage of many sepia filters in the film, the inevitable and terrible fate of the film cannot be protected.

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Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2.7/10)

worst movies in hidi cinema forever

The story of this movie is very confusing. It was released in the year of 2002. The worst CG set can be observed in this film. The head of a snake, Terminator and Armaan Kohli are used in this film.

Tees Maar Khan (2.5/10)

worst bollywood movies forever

The releasing year of this film is 2010. The one and only entertainment of this film is nothing but “Sheila ki jawani”. The comedy of this film could not be saved by her performance.

Love Story 2050 (2.7/10)

10 worst bollywood movies forever

The entire story of the film is just bullshit. It was released in 2008. The hero, Harman Baweja (Hrithik Roshan part 2) make a plot for bringing his beloved back from the world of dead.

Joker (2.5/10)

bad cinemas in bollywood ever

 The movie was released in 2012. Some escapees of a mental asylum created a village named Pagalpur. But, the story did not work at all.

 Jism 2 (2.8/10)

worst movies in hidi cinema forever

 Sunny Leone is the prime attraction of this film which was released in 2012. However, her role of a porn star even did not save the movie. It is made worst by the anti-climatic scene up in the heaven.

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