10 Interesting & Unknown Facts About Salman Khan


Salman Khan— the poignant name of the Bollywood industry is famous for several numbers of reasons. His life is eventful enough to make people curious about it. Apart from his negative publicity he has many things to keep the fans entertained and make his life more interesting to his followers as well. Here are some unknown facts about Salman Khan that can make you surprised.

He Loves Privacy with no Email ID. Not Interested in Social Media

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Although he is big shot of the Bollywood industry, but apart from the fact, the star is more famous for keeping himself aloof from the various social websites. Even he does not have an email id because he avoids choosing communicating through email. Rather he feels comfortable to pick phones and telling the person what he wants to say. This is really an interesting facts about him.

His Love for Soap is Unbelievable

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Salman Khan has deep and intense love for soaps. The bathroom of his home is fully stacked with soaps. He shows his special interest and keen love for the soaps that comes with Natural extracts or vegetable extracts. He always prefers soaps with natural ingredients and also has soap of every possible type.

He is a Car Freak with Amazing Car Collection

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Salman Khan has always seen to take huge interest for great cars. His love for cars is always an important part of Salman Khan biography. He always wants to keep cars that has class and also has the ability to offer him a ride fill with pleasure and speed. He is very much fond of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and also Land Cruiser. .

BhaiJaan is a National Level Swimmer

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Very few people are known about his passion of swimming. He is a great swimmer since his childhood days. Not only this, when he was in school, was considered to represent into the national level into the swimming competition. This is a hidden facts of Salman Khan.

Awarded as “Most Handsome Man in Bollywood” By People’s Magazine

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He is a man of immense looks and a beautiful body too. There are very few actors in Bollywood who made his presence into the most prestigious People’s Magazine and Sallu is one of them. He shared the fame with other most handsome and good looking actors Dharmendra and Hrithik Roshan. These three actors are considered as the most handsome men ever in Bollywood industry.

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He Always Wanted to be a Writer like His Father

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He always wanted to be a writer. The story Bagghi: A rebel for Love was actually penned down by Salman.  He also wrote other successful films like Veer and Chandramukhi.

He is a Foodie – Fan of Chinese Foods and Biriyani

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 He never compromises with the taste of his favorite foods. It has been said that, once he flew his own cook to London to prepare Biriyani to feed the entire unit of London Dreams who are dying to eat something special. He loves Chinese food and his favorite place is China Garden in Mumbai. This is one of the most unknown facts about Salman Khan.

A Kind-hearted Man, Born to Charity and Help Others

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His charity never needs introduction and publicity. He always stood with people whenever they were in trouble. Not only common mass, many great personalities of Bollywood industry have also come into limelight with his help. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sajid-Wajid, Himesh Reshammiya and none other than Hirithik Roshan has also gone through a training under him.

He is Suffering from Suicide Disease

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The muscular man is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia—which is typical nerve disorder which is also known as the suicidal disease and this is really a shocking Salman Khan facts.

Founder of Being Human

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The man of talent is also the founder of the group of being human.

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