10 Highest Salaried CEOs in India


India is a land where you would find Asia’s second largest billionaire people and poorest of the poor people as well. It has got mixed standard of people living in the same land yet having huge difference in their pockets.  The millionaires have got extremely huge mansions I would rather say than owning a house. India is also the house of one of the most highly paid executives.  You will be amazed to see how much they get to earn per year…

Here is the bucket list of 10 highest paid CEOs in India.

Kalinithi Maran

Image source- www.livemint.com

Annual salary: Rs 56.25 crore

He is the executive of the nation famous Sun TV Network.  He is the world acclaimed chairman of the one of the most famous television network in Asia. He also acquired the airline named Spice jet. It is one of the most profitable airlines in India. His television channels and newspapers are widely famous. His DTH services and airlines have stretched across the whole country.

Kavery Maran

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Annual salary: Rs 56.24 crore

She is the wife if Kalinithi Maran and also the executive director of Sun TV network. She is considered as the second highest paid executive in the country.  According to the data received by the fortune magazine, Kavery Maran is the highest paid women executive in the country.

Naveen Jindal

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Annual salary: 54.98 crores

He is the chairman of the Jindal Steel and Power Limited. He falls in the third position among the highest paid CEOs in India.  He is also the member of the parliament from the famous Kurukshetra Lok Sabha constituency in Haryana. He is also famous for his efforts which led to the revision of the flag code of India which now permits every Indian to fly the national flag of fame with dignity and honor on every single day of the year.

Kumar Mangalam Birla 

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Annual salary: 49.62 crores

He is the current chairman of the Aditya Birla Group. He is in the fourth position in the list. He took over the responsibility only when he was 28 years of age after the demise of his father… that’s too young is not it? He increased the company’s turn over from 2 million to 40 million. He has made 26 acquisitions in 17 years in India. This data is considered as the highest among all the multinational companies in the competitive market.

Pawan Munjal

Image source -www.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Annual salary: 32.80 crore

He is the Managing Director and the CEO of the Hero Moto Corp… He falls in the fifth position of the list.. He is the one who is responsible for the growth of the industry in the competitive market.. He has put on his greatest effort and brought the industry at the summit. He is also an active member of the Indian institute of management that is in Lucknow. He is also the active chairman of many committees of CCI.

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Brijmohan Lal Munjal

Image source- www.images.financialexpress.com

Annual salary: 32.73 crores

He is the chairman and also the founder of the Hero Group. He is also a dedicated president of the confederation of Indian industries. He was also involved in the society of the manufacturers in the initial days. He was also associated with reserve bank of India. He was also awarded the Padma Bhushan award by the Government of India.

Sunil Kant Munjal

Image soucre-www.media2.intoday.in

Annual salary: 31.51 crores

He is designated as the joint managing director of hero MotoCorp. In the year 2006 he was appointed by the board of directors of the company as a non executive director. He was appointed as the joint managing director for a term of five years in the year 2011.

P R Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha

Image source- www.infinitheism.com

Annual salary: 30.96 crores

He is the chairman and the managing director of Ramco Cement which was previously known as the madras cement.  The company mainly specializes in the production of cement, dry mortar and wind power generation. Under the guidance and supervision of P R Ramasubhramaneya Rajha the company could reach the summit of the competitive markets. With the tremendous experience and expertise he has made the company successful. He is considered the “steer of the ship” for the Ramco cement company in the year 1938.

Shinzo  Nakanishi 

Image source- www.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Annual salary: 30.90 crore

He is the managing director of Maruti Suzuki.  He is also the senior managing executive officer and executive general manager of Suzuki Motor Corporation. With his talent and experience he made his company successful.

Murali K. Divi

Image source- www.indianbillgates.com

Annual salary: 26.46 crore

He is the chairman and the managing director of the well known famous Divi                        laboratories. He has specialization in pharmaceutical science from the Kakatiya University that is in Warangal. He is also the member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers and American Chemical Society, and also an active member of American Cosmetic Society and American  Pharmaceutical  Association.
Murali K Divi has tremendous and extensive experience of like 30 years in the field of active and intensive pharmaceutical ingredients industry.

SO here is the list of the 10 highest paid CEOs in India.



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