10 Ferrari Owners Celebrities in India


Maybe common people can’t afford a Lamborghini but Shilpa Shetty Kundra definitely can. Likewise, when it comes about owning Ferrari, you can only see celebrities hanging around the super sexy car. If it is about 10 Ferrari owners in India, then the list of celebrities are also not too big. From sports stars to Bollywood actors, Ferrari has made the car collection exclusive and become a status symbol for those people.

List of Ferrari Owners in India

This little red sweetheart can allure anyone with anytime. There are few celebrities who own Ferrari in India. Let’s have a look-

Sachin Tendulkar– Though the car is sold now to the business tycoon, Mr. Jayesh Desai, the car was a gift to Mr. Tendulkar from Michael Schumacher when he made 29th test century and equaled his record to Sir Don Bradman.

Sanjay Dutt, One of the Ferrari Owners in India

10 ferrari owners celebrities in India

Sanjay Dutt is not only famous for his superb acting skill and controversial life, but also well-known for his fondness for cars. While his garage has Audi R8, a Mercedes M-class and other expensive cars and bikes, it is the Ferrari 599 GTB that rules his garage.

Imran Khan, One of the Few Ferreri Car Owners of Bollywood in India

10 ferrari owners in India

This handsome hunk of Bollywood is also a car enthusiast. From Maranello, he owns a Ferrari California in red. He is also the owner of a Limousine. Girls, get ready to impress him for a long drive!

Gautam Singhania

ferrari owners in india

The famous racer knows how a Ferrari should be treated. He not only owns a Ferrari F458 Italia, but he runs it own sports track. It can be said that he is the true fan of this luxurious sports car.

Naga Chaitanya

list of ferrari owners in india

While it is about 10 Ferrari owners in India, this Telegu movie actor is one of the famous names on the list. He is well known for his superb car collection and owns a Ferrari F430. Maybe, he has inherited his love for cars from his father, Nagarjuna.

Ratan Tata

ferrari car owners of bollywood in India

Maybe he is the builder of the cheapest car, Nano, in India, but he prefers to drive his cute red Ferrari California on the Marine Drive of Mumbai. The retractable top has made the car a lot sexier.

Vijay Malia-10 ferrari owners in India

It doesn’t matter how much he lost or cheated, but his collection of cars can be a reason of envy for anyone. He owns a Ferrari Dino.

Lalit Modi

celebrities who own ferrari in India

If you ever see a Ferrari with unique registration plate, ‘CRI3KET’; know that Lalit Modi is driving around. He is the owner of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Bhusan Kumar

10 ferrari owners celebrities in India

The popular name of music industry owns Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. It suits well as a car enthusiast like him.

Mohammed Nisham

10 ferrari owners celebrities in India

We know negative publicity can make a man famous, differently though. Mohammed Nisham is such an infamous Ferrari owner in India and he is jail now for running over a security guard.


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