10 Awesome Frozen Lakes In The World


Water is the supreme blessing of almighty. It is the key ingredient of life and always looks stunning whether in liquid or frozen form. Every year due to the course of Winter Ocean and lakes seems to freeze and become more beautiful in a newer ways. Formation of frozen water comes with different patches, jagged lines and snowflakes causing decorative piece of art.

Lake Baikal, Siberia

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The lake is actually Rift Lake formed through the continental crust and that is from being pulled apart. The bottom of the lake is covering 1,186.5 below the sea level and also regarded as the deepest lake of the world. It is always rich in bio-diversity. 80% of the total living animal of the area are endemic and 1000 types of plants are also living into this beautiful lake.

Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada

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It is actually a manmade lake and the bubbles plays most important part in enhancing its beauty. But it is worth mentioning that these bubbles are actually explosive. In general they are formed due to the trapping of methane gas beneath the ice. But at the advent of spring, usually they start to melt and after popping the bubbles release the methane gas into the atmosphere.

Lake Druzhby, Antarctica

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The lake is always found to present the most beautiful looks of the whole world. Generally fresh water seems to freeze at near about 32 degrees Fahrenheit but the sea water which consist salt seems to freeze around 28 degrees Fahrenheit due to the reasons of salinity. Most interesting fact is that frozen salt water usually doesn’t have that much of salt for that they freeze.

Ice Rider In Siberia, Russia

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The beautifully frozen water only allows brave, lucky and equestrian traveller to cross around it. In general clear ice should not be walked down unless it is at least 2“ and more than thick. In order to ride them the thickness of them must be around 5“. Always be very careful and restrain yourself as much when mind which is maddened by the beauty of the lake.

Prags, Italy

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The beautiful lake of Italy, is found into the region of eponymous commune and situated in South Tyrol is considered as one of the most beautiful one into the entire area. Surrounded with Dolomite, the beautiful lake is enough to provide romantic retreat for the summer visitors while on the other hand it can provide you spectacular view into the winter seasons.

Ontario, Canada, USA

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This lake is one of the most beautiful and biggest one into North America and it finds its comfortable position which is just next to Ontario. In winter the beauty of frozen lake is enough to mesmerize the place and provides opportunities for winter fishing into the lake.

Lake Michigan USA

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The lake of Michigan always experiences very low temperature during the season of winter. For the reasons of excessive cold, the shores get frozen and as a result it also creates some spectacular sites as well.

Superior, USA

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With the raid decrease of temperature, the Lake Superior also freezes very fast. But in spite of the fact, it also allows you to walk into them and reach into the marvelous caves on the Apostle islands. The islands are entirely frozen and that is from covering huge ice structures and also to the frozen walls inside the cave. It is really a very good experience to visit a frozen cave.

Paterswoldse Meer, Netherlands

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The beautiful lake is found into the southwestern part of the city which is at the same time the largest town as well. Due to its frozen nature, the lake becomes a beautiful skating rink into winters and the experience of skating becomes more special due to the presence of spectacular natural surroundings as well.


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